Preventing Saddle Sores

Any tips on preventing Saddle Sores?

Alcohol wipes before and after.

Plus the usual stuff like a well fitting saddle and shorts, using shorts only once then clean, etc.

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After a bit of time off the bike, I had some proper issues recently. More chaffáge than sores tbh.

I found chamois cream before a ride, then after showering applying a nappy rash ‘sudocream’ or bed sores cream ‘Conotrane’ helped considerably.

Obviously bike fit can have a massive impact on this so make sure this is dialed in as well.


If you’re using cream for every time you are on the bike your bibs are not fitting correctly. Find differen/better/tighter bibs.


Some bibs work great on the road and are terrible on the trainer… I generally don’t use chamois cream on the road but if I don’t use it on the trainer I quickly get saddle sores. But I find if I use bibs with a less ‘puffy’ and smooth fabric chamois this works best for me on the trainer.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the saddle doesn’t move at all on the trainer, so could be solved by rocker plates possibly, but I haven’t gone down that road yet personally.

Another vote for clean shorts every ride, wet wipes after, change into clean/dry clothing after ride asap (don’t lounge around in sweaty shorts and gear).

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So when shouldn’t I use chamois cream?

Rocker plate. I used to get them all the time during indoor season. I built one of Chad Mcneese’s Rockit launcher plates, have not had any saddle sore issues so far this season.

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I used to commute a lot. 45km to work, 45km home.

I would have sores during the summer, but I rarely had one that really kept me off the bike. I would just rotate the brand of bibs I was wearing and just mind over matter it. Work didn’t have a shower, so saddle sores were gonna happen, no matter how many wet wipes I use. Consider it a testament to how much I hate the train.

Winter, spring and fall I would rarely get them. Then one fall I kept getting them, and really bad. I couldn’t figure it out. I was wearing the same brand of bibs, nothing was different on the bike - but what had changed was that I had joined a masters swim club and was swimming 6 hours a week. The sores were caused by dry skin.

Found a fantastic non-scented plain non-branded vitamin E cream, no more issues. I use it after a swim or at night. No one else ever mentions just keeping your skin moisturized as a preventative measure for sores, but I bet this would help a lot of people.

(Yes, I’ve tried chamois cream, I hate it and it’s never prevented saddle sores for me. Just feels itchy and gross)


Saddle sores are because something is rubbing. Chamois Cream just provides a barrier for that rubbing. The better thing to do is find something that just doesn’t rub. You can use it as a patch job if something irritates you but don’t rely on it.


They covered it on the cast in great detail. I think this is the right episode.


First thing check saddle height. A touch too high and a lot of bad things will happen IME.

If you need chamois cream I suggest A&D Prevent Original Ointment. Much cheaper does the same thing.

Tea tree oil.


I’ve been getting them a bit lately but I just figured it was more to do with more actual time riding my bike and my skin hasn’t toughened up enough yet for my demands, just as a guitarists fingertips do when initially learning to play?

Also, I’m not sure if you guys have it in the states but in Australia we have Bepanthen which is used for nappy rash, or in my case to heal fresh tattoos. Wondering if this would work for saddle sores or has anyone tried it? I’ll try it myself, just hadn’t thought of it until now

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+1 for alcohol wipes right after your done riding.

Also,get out of your shorts/bibs ASAP. For sure try not to sit around on your chamois after a ride.

And never wear your shorts/bibs again before you wash them.

If I’m having some trouble during the summer sometimes I’ll throw some triclosan in the wash when I clean my bibs.


Shower before you ride is a big one (and after :joy:)


Clean bibs EVERY ride and get out of them ASAP once you’ve finished. Warm shower or bath and keep yourself fresh.

If you have a small sore, a chap I ride with swears by a product called Second Skin. I’m also told that nappy rash cream works well.


Since I’ve been riding mostly indoor I’ve been spending more on good quality bibs with better chamois pads. Keeping them washed and cleaned for all (most) rides. Not using any cream or whatso-ever.

I also break up the sitting time with some short standing seconds every now and then.
I’m riding an ISM saddle which might help to reduce the pressure as well.

Hardly experience any problems.

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I find the Assos Skin Repair Gel to be helpful as well.

chamois crème, clean shorts, shower soon as.

Chamois cream is like life insurance. You hope you won’t need it, but it’s good to have :wink: