Slippery Saddle

Has anyone had the issue of their saddle being so “grippy” that it grips your bibs so that when you shift around on the saddle, the chamois slides on your bum, causing raw areas. I have never had to use chamois cream and have been on seats before that have felt “slippery”, but this saddle is the complete opposite. I used to think the slippery saddle was annoying on other bikes, but now after having many days uncomfortable on the saddle, i would love to get that slippery saddle back. I have even tried to rub some chamois cream on the saddle itself, but that didn’t help. The saddle of reference is a Bontrager Montrose. Any suggestions of what I could apply to the saddle to make it slippery without causing any damage to my bibs?

Years ago I used A&D Ointment rather than a dedicated “chamois cream” to save money getting through an issue. A&D has many different formulas to choose from but, IIRC it was the original as it was very similar to Vaseline (not a zinc oxide formula). Anyways, this would eventually bleed through to the saddle and make it quite slippery. Perhaps this could be a temporary fix. It washes out of the bibs easily fyi.

Is it the saddle or the bibs?

I find a similar problem with bibs that are slightly too big or getting worn out.

Agree with the above, if it’s causing your chamois to move then your shorts probably arent tight enough.

The shape of the saddle will also contribute to ease of moving around. A flatter saddle should be easier to move around on than a curved saddle. It may be that the saddle just isn’t quite right for you.

Good point on the bibs. I know that my bibs fit right as i have ridden 1,000s of miles in them, which leads to the second point that maybe it is the bibs which are worn… That also makes me think, because my MTB saddle was the only one i had issue with, but now it seems to do it on my road saddle a bit too. That saddle has 15,000 miles on it so i assume it is worn out anyway, but the bibs being warn seems to be the least common denominator.