Saddle sore after riding and cramps, always same place

Hello there guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the above.

All of the sudden im experiencing some saddlesore after bikeriding - i havent been riding more than im used to - and it comes after every bikeride. It looks like a little red bum/soils, and usually it goes away after 1-2 days of the bike, but comes again after riding. Im using Assos chamois creme - but it doesnt help proper. Im wondering, what it could be? and what should i be aware off?

In the same context, ive been struggling with cramps right above left kne on the right - allways the same place - never anywhere else. I dont even have to go hard, just long - and it will eventually come. Im fueling quite good on the bike, getting about 70-80carbs pr. hour. What could this be? and could it be something muscular on the left side? Since its where i struggle with both saddlesore and cramps?

Saddle sores are small abrasions that become infected. Perhaps your bibs are not up to scratch? Might be worthwhile looking into getting another pair if you’re running a budget pair right now. You can also try some light disinfectant in the shower afterwards such as chlorhexidine soap, it’s usually available in pharmacies because it is used pre-op to disinfect the skin, and just use that to wash your backside where the sores are the worst after riding.

For cramps could be a million things but are you making sure you’re getting your electrolytes? Carbs are not the only thing depleted during riding and especially during longer rides you need to top up your electrolytes.

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

Im only riding with Rapha pro bibs shorts or Pas Normal collection. So its pretty upthere quality wise. Im gonna try buy some of that clorhexidine soap you mentioned for sure! - I just hope its not getting to where i need a surgery or anything? I read some stuff about those boils can in worst circumstances be needed to be removed with surgery.

Yea, ive tried everything it seems. Im usually mixing both carbs and salts. Ive been running some SiS BetaFuel in one dunk, and some carb/elektrolyttes from PurePower in another. Still cramps… Im wondering if its some genetic.

Chamois cream if the bumps are anywhere where there’s a chance of friction. It will reduce friction and most creams are anti-bacterial so will cut down on infections as well. I also use Sudocrem if I get the faintest sore, it’s mainly marketed for nappy rash but really what’s the difference? It is a heavy cream so can get everywhere but it smells nice and definitely helps me.

Have been starting using Assos chamois creme - but the boil/bumps still keep getting there. Atleast when im riding for more than two hours

Are the ‘saddle sores’ on the surface of the skin and abrasion related or do they appear to be under the skin?

If they are under the skin and not abrasion related, chamois creame likely won’t solve the problem. I put up with what this article describes for 15 years before realizing what it was and the problem is not due to friction but pressure. My issues were mostly solved with fit changes.


Yeah, definitely worth investigating. I had had consistent saddle sores for the last 12 months or so, until discovering a couple of months ago my seat post had slipped a bit. Raised it back up to where it should have been - saddle sores disappeared. Leg muscles also feel better.

Bibs and chamois cream are just window dressing - it will almost certainly be bike fit that’s the underlying cause. Excessive saddle height is often a good place to start.

Lot’s of temporary fixes for sores/boils/skin irritation, but two natural remedies that I found very effective when I used to have these issues were taping some sliced onion to the problem area (not a wind-up!) and using Bee Propolis cream before and after a ride.

I’m not doubting onions worked for you but this was the first thing that came to mind:


How to tell the different? I mean - i can see the red bumps - it feels and look like a bump you could have in the face - however - its from those little hairseeds that gets irritated i think.

There’s a reason you see pictures of traditional Frenchmen riding bikes with onions around their necks.

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Did both (saddle sores and knee pain) start at about the same time? Your hips could be misaligned and manifesting itself in (grossly) asymmetric pedaling, leading to both. There’s a related post here.

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Is it exactly the same place on your bum that is developing the sore?

Are you allowing it enough time to heal, could the under the surface damage still be there?

It’s worth trying a different make / model set of bibs to see if it’s the bibs causing the problem or something else. In ultra endurance using different sets of bibs has been used to avoid prolonged periods of having bibs rub or put pressure on the same spot.

Are you sitting lobsided on your saddle or are you spending prolonged periods sat down? It’s worth standing up now and again to get bibs to shift, relieve pressure, and allow moisture to evaporate.

Is your saddle straight or is there some other fit problem causing the sore to develop?

After how many hours is the sore appearing? As you spend more time riding you fatigue and spend longer and longer in sub optimal positions on the bike. Everyone’s form is pretty good when fresh , not so much after many hours out in the sun?

Did the sores first appear once it warmed up? Could it be moisture build up?

I rode two and a half hour yesterday, and the sore turned red, with a little swell on the bump/boil. It was almost itself again earlier this afternoon, but a hour and a half today, got it turning red and swelling a bit again… earlier last week I did two days completely of the bike, and it went away - and I couldn’t see any thing - however one ride for 3 hours screwed that up. I’m not sitting uncomfortable on the bike, and I have the bike fitted to me too. It’s always the same place - left side and right near the sitting knots.

I have been consistently riding the bike for 7-10 hours a week for over 8 months and didn’t get any discomfort - however a drastic change on my cross bike with a new saddle accelerated this - but I’m now getting the boils/bumps from my road bike - since I’m not really using my cross atm because the weather has been nice (usually i ride the cross bike indoors on home trainer)

Saddle sore on one side only is another classic sign of not sitting evenly on the saddle - either a fit issue and/or physiological issue as others mention above.

Isichial bursitis would be like hard, fluid filled bumps or almost nodules that are deep under the skin and there might not be any surface abrasions or indications of trauma other than swelling and redness. If it is more like an ingrown hair or surface only issue, it wouldn’t be what I linked.

I just provided the link because people typically talk about abrasions and ingrown hairs, but I am aware of many people, including myself, who experienced bursitis which isn’t addressed by improved hygiene or chamois cream.

Theres definitely not fluid in those red knots i keep getting. It more looks like ingrown hair issue, allthough there isnt any ingrown hair persay, It however could feel like my left side is more swelling - but i cant be sure of it.

Out of interst - how did you get rid of Isichial bursitis, and how did you find out you had it?

Had the same issues for a while. Here’s what has worked for me.
Changed the saddle (found out, that I needed a much more narrow one). Lowered saddle height. Got rid of the hair in the area (don’t shave! Take a hair cutting machine).
For the cramps - I took much more salt than I used to and getting in an electrolyte tablette after the ride.

Thanks - Ill try getting the sadle futher down. Ive been biikefitted, by one of the best in denmark - so ill try do it by not so much. The sadle however should fit by the measure of my sitting bones - and ive been riding this sadle since 2018 - so it shouldnt be a problem, or?

For the cramps i feel you - im afraid to take too much however? Isnt that a thing too? :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing to try is put a level on your saddle and see if it is level across the width. It’s possible that after about 3 years you’ve worn the specific saddle you have so it is no longer symmetrical