Ryan Leech vs Lee Likes Bikes

Anyone on here used the online videos from
Lee Likes Bikes or Ryan Leech and can comment on pros/cons between the two. Looking to brush up on some skills this winter.


I think @Nate_Pearson started with Ryan’s stuff years ago, and he has moved on to the in person Lee classes for sure (maybe his vids too?). So he is someone with experience in both, AFAIK.


They are different things and a different way of teaching. Ryan is more trials stuff and you end up being able to do cool things on the bike.

Lee is more about flow. Lee has never taught me how-to manual, where that’s pretty early in Ryan’s stuff.

I’d say they are different and both useful. Not a ton of overlap.


+1 to this.

Ryan’s wheelie course was really well structured and I also found incredible value in Lee’s in person clinic.

I’d gladly spend money on both in the future.


rip row, baby!


With Covid, are any classes gathering this winter?

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Must try and find that old school media - a DVD copy of Manifesto. I know I kept it somewhere…

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For the unintiated:

I have a trove of VHS and DVD’s, along with some links to the old OTN trials page (if you know… you know :wink: ) of all the good old stuff. Even have the original Hans Rey and Ot Pi vids that I watched about 1,000 times each to teach myself how to ride trials.

When Ryan came along, it was an explosion back then like when Danny hit the scene in 2009. Some impressive progression from those guys each of those decades. As a trials rider since 1993, it has been one heck of a trip to see where this sport has moved along.


Brilliant… I feel we need an old school DVD thread so as not to derail this one.


Dude, yes plz :stuck_out_tongue: