Old school (or new if you must) films for lockdown

Prompted by the Ryan Leech skills thread I thought about his brilliant skill in the film Manifesto (thanks to @mcneese.chad providing that link).

Since my part of the UK is in lockdown-lite how about an old school list of films that got you hyped back in the day?

Manifesto - Smoooooooth trials action
Chainspotting - a UK classic which shows my age, this was on VHS and got watched so much that it was ruined
Dirt - even older ('95) see some early Steve Peat, Rob Warner and the much-missed JMC


“Hans No Way Rey” - The Classic Video 1992:

  • This video almost single handedly launched me into the world of bike trials. I modified my GT Pro Series BMX with dual Pitbull brakes, a MTB 36t chainring and homemade bash plate to have a hacked modified trials bike. I proceeded to suck hard and try everything I could to learn all the cool tricks Hans shared.

Tecnica Ot Pi - Parte 1

  • I got this video shortly after discovering Hans and trails above. I have an “officially pirated” VHS copy that was purchased from Cosmo Motors. They were THE moto and bike trials dealer of the early '90s. Ot is the son of a famous Spanish mototrials rider, that started a bike trials company (Monty Bicycles) and his son became a multi-time world champ and one of the best modified trials riders in history.

Tecnica Ot Pi - Parte 2

Street Trials - History

  • Ohhhhh, baby… This is an impressive playlist on the history of street trials. Need to review, but a quick skim shows some great progression here.

(More to come later when I have time.)


Back then, the only thing I was doing on a bike was riding to college in the rain during the day, and riding to the pub at night to drink beer. I didn’t know any of this existed. :rofl:

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Ride to the hills

3 Minute Gaps


Edit: The entire Earthed series as well.


New World Disorder… hell yeah. When I was just into MTB things early on y2k, one of my univ senior show me those film. Now I only rode road bikes but still remember the time I was on hardtail mtb. Good old days.


Oh my this takes me back. Thanks for sharing.


We used to watch Tread a lot back in the day, forgot all about it! I think there was a Tread 2 also. Need to watch it again soon.

Haven’t watched this link but looks like this is it…
Tread on YouTube


Beat me to it, I grabbed it off the shelf to take a picture, along with The Collective


Also can’t forget American Flyers, great movie with Kevin Costner and David Grant, 100% worth watching https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088707/

Breaking Away

The Flying Scotsman (about Graeme Obree)

Rad (BMX)

And there’s always Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Hey, story centers around a bike, doesn’t it? :sweat_smile:


ReTread, that’s it!

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Earthed 2

YouTube auto suggestion for win. Gotta be mid 2000s as I remember it from a shared house.

That and manifesto take me back, baggy fashion wasn’t as good a look as we thought!

Not as bad looking as narrow bars though!

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Yeah, I remember when my Azonic were wide… now they look tiny.

This was in my Amazon Prime recommendations tonight. I’m not really into Triathlon but I like this👍