Running( Ingebritsen) vs Cycling training


The norwegians Ingebritsen is 3 of the best 1500,3000,5000 runners in the world and have shared most of theyre training. Im wondering if it is possible to convert this type of base training to cycling.

Day 1: 45min Endurance + 45min Endurance
Day 2: 45 Min Easy Treshold (Sweetspot?) + 45Min harder treshold
Day 3: 45min Endurance + 45min Endurance
Day 4: 45 Min Easy Treshold (Sweetspot?) + 45Min harder treshold
Day 5: 45min Endurance + 45min Endurance
Day 6: 2 rounds of 10x40/80 + 45Min harder treshold
Day 7: 90Min Tempo (20km)

*45min intervall is probably 30 min time of intervall and 15-30min warm up/down

2 a day every day but sunday, keep repeating same week excluding need for recovery weeks.

Anyone have any toughts on this training and what parts that could be good/not good to do as a cyclist.
Much bigger muscular demands on running so the times/volume would be upped allot for a cyclist.

I read allot in here how much people hate recovery week, and wondering why this week is so important, would it not be better like these runners do that they keep theire load as high as they can without the need for recovery weeks. This would accumulate higher load over time.
I’m in recovery week now, and it feels so bad :).

I used to run marathons and now time trial - I think it is a useful; comparison but not really applicable for the following reasons.
1/ Nearly all elite runners run 2x a day (3 for some of the African marathon runners) - but this is because they run 150 ish miles a week for marathons (less for those track runners admittedly) and you can’t run 20+ miles a day every day even if you are world class - you get injured. So they do usually 1 really long 25-30 mile a week and the rest of the time they do shorter 10 mile runs and speed sessions but usually an easy one very early in the day and a harder one later - the rest of the time they quite literally sit around in their training groups eating and chilling! That way they get the mileage TSS but less stress.
2/ Cycling does not do this and road races are longer so most pros do one session a day - plus gym work as required but they included multiple training stimuli. Like maybe a 7 hour zone 2 ride or a 4 hour ride but with multiple SS or threshold segments. They can do this because it is not weight bearing and simulates the length of the event of multi day stage racing.
When I ran decent marathons (2:47) I ran about 60 mile/week - but I would only have a long 21-22mile long run every fortnight, a marathon paced run of 12-14miles and a tempo run of 6 miles at 1/2 pace. The rest would just be 7-10 mile easy runs when I ran 6 days a week. Even then you are constantly easing off, stretching, foam rolling, icing etc. Running plenty of miles really beats up the body - and is a shock if you are used to cycling - and I was running less than half of what the elites do. That said cycling is way more painful training wise - you can push yourself harder more often - depends where you want your suffering from - lactic acid or muscle damage! :laughing:

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Thanks for very good reply. I can’t run so i don’t have the option. But fun to learn how runners train and why it is so different from cycling. Ofcourse i understand most, but good to get feedback like yours to understand more.

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