Integrating Running into Cycling Training

Hello fellow TrainerRoad cyclists!

I’m a 42-year-old man who transitioned from running to cycling a few years ago. Currently, I’m following TrainerRoad’s low volume program, but I’ve been presented with an opportunity to participate in a casual half marathon at my workplace. While my primary focus remains on cycling, I want to join the running event. I have the chance to dedicate one day a week to running, all while continuing with the low volume program.

I understand the importance of starting gradually and would appreciate your recommendations on how best to utilize that one running day per week while still adhering to the low volume program. For instance, should I prioritize interval training or opt for a longer, steady run? Thank you in advance for any advice and insights based on your experiences!

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I too have moved across from running to cycling a few years ago but still run and do some road running races in the winter (2 x 10k so far - another 10k, 10m and maybe a half before the TT season starts in the UK.) I’m afraid I can’t see this working on 1 run/week. I run 3x week along with 4-5 bike sessions in the winter and cut the running back to 2 or 3 30min runs/week in the summer. Once per week just isn’t enough for a half - you can’t fake running 13.1 miles. You need a long run and at least one, preferably 2 other shorter runs. I think trying to do this on one run/week is a recipe for DOMS, injury and disappointment. I would suggest having one day/week for a longer run and see if you can add 20-30 mins runs on after your midweek TR sessions

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None serious reply. If you want to incorporate running into cycling, I can recommend cyclo cross

n=1. The fitness from cycling will carry over reasonably well. What cycling isn’t going to help with is preparing your body for the pounding / eccentric load that running causes (source: I ran very close to a half marathon PR off purely biking, then could barely walk for 2 days).

If you have time for it I’d split the long run into multiple shorter fairly easy runs. It’s still not going to be a huge aerobic training load relative to the bike plan and it’d signal your body to expect weight bearing impact more often.

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