Half Marathon - Time Crunch


Not strictly cycling related, but this is from one of @Nate_Pearson comments on the podcast a few weeks ago.

Nate mentioned you could easily do half marathons with only 30 mins training per day. I am wondering if anyone (or @Nate_Pearson?!) Could help suggest some plans to achieve this?

I do both cycling and running lately, trying to do SSB Low Volume in the evenings and 30 min runs on my lunch break with a HM planned for November.


when you do 30 min/day, how many days a week? I presume it’s roughly 3 miles?

While you could finish it, it will likely hurt pretty bad near the end with only 15mi a week and 3 mile max distance runs.

If you could get a single longer run on the weekends. Start st 4 miles and add a mile each week until your race you’ll be in much better shape for the HM.


I have been doing 30 mins 5 days a week, just ramping up to 21Km seems like a big ask from only 30 mins

I agree, I think it’s possible but could end up being a really grim experience towards the end, especially if you start slipping north of 2 hours on the run.

Doing some maths, the 7 x 30mins run would give you 3.5 hours. Split up differently it could definitely yield results, for example the FIRST methodology where there is three runs a week plus cross-training. I’ve started using this myself lately (too early to comment on efficacy) but it breaks down to one track run, one tempo run and one long run. There is a significant amount of intensity so not really one for beginners, I have done quite a few marathons and ultras so have a good understanding of what I’m capable of.

I think using the 3.5 hours to do something like one hour on Tuesday, one hour on Thursday and 90mins on Sat or Sun would yield much better results, but probably goes against the spirit of what @Nate_Pearson was trying to say. Completion vs competitive is two different things.

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Nate mentioned you could easily do half marathons with only 30 mins training per day.

My guess is he is referring to “average” 30 mins per day. You run 3-4 days a week with 1 long run a week being an hour and a half (that would be a 10-15k ish) and bang that would line you up at both 30 mins a day and enough training for a half. You wont likely be going sub 1:40 unless you have some base and a bit of speed work, but yeah totally doable IMO