Run duration not pulling through to app


I’ve restarted both the app and the web and logged in and out multiple times yet my run durations of 30mins are not being reflected in the app. The original 16min Run was copied from the previous week and the duration increased. You can see the duration and tss for the week in the app is correct as there are 3x 30min runs.

Hey George,

That is really strange, we haven’t seen that before. I am working with Support to see if we can reproduce this issue :+1:

I’ve removed them now but can add them again if you’d like

The Support Leads and I were able to reproduce this bug, and we are writing up an issue for Test Team to investigate. A Support Agent will be reaching out shortly to your email on file, and they may have a couple questions that will help us get to the bottom of this :ok_hand:



I’ve still not had any contact from any test agent. That’s 7 days now since the bug was raised.

My apologies @GeorgeAnderson.

I passed this off to a Support Lead to investigate, and it seems that they were able to get all of the necessary information by reproducing the bug here in the office. This was a failure in communication on our part, and I should have reached out and let you know.

Thanks again for bringing up this bug. An issue has now been created, and it will be prioritized with the other bug fixes according to severity. As of now, we do not have an ETA on the resolution of this bug.

Thanks for the update Bryce and no problem.

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