New Android app bugs

The android app has a couple of really annoying bugs and they don’t seem to be acknowledged or any update on fixes?

Main in for me is the TSS/hours for the week in calendar view. It doesn’t give any Rollinig info on TSS/hours Vs planned for the current week.
All it shows it the planned numbers and that’s it. I’m having to add it all up in my head.

For last week It shows totals of what I completed Vs planned but It didn’t show this during the actual week.

The weeks before that appear as normal, as they used to.

I’m also still getting a faded/unloaded thumbnail of my ride in calendar unless I pull all the way to the oldest ride and refresh the page and then it loads. A little annoying.

Oh, and last time I checked I still wasn’t getting cadence data in workout using Samsung S9 connected via ant+

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