App not tracking in the week TSS?

The latest version of the app doesn’t appear to be giving a running TSS total in the current week and only gives it once the week is passed. This is problematic for tracking actual TSS vs the plan. Is this a recognised issue that has just popped in this latest version?

Sorry for the trouble! Please check in with so they can take a look. To my knowledge, this is not a widespread issue, so they’ll want to look at your settings specifically to help figure out whats up!

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Thanks, will do.

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I reported this some time ago when the app beta was released. They claimed that it is a known bug being fixed. IMHO it is rather missing feature.

Totally agree and can’t understand why this has disappeared and so difficult to reinstate. TR - please advise!

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HI! The team is definitely working on it, sorry for the delay. It’s a time zone issue that we’re currently working towards resolving.

The good news is: your weekly TSS is accessible/correctly calculating on the web:
This issue is only impacting mobile so until its resolved, using desktop or web just to check out your weekly TSS will work just fine! Thanks for your patience. :+1:

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Hi Ivy.

Please can you share an update – this is the MOST appreciated feature of the app to track the TSS as you move through the week. Not having it is pretty bad stuff for riders that are on a programme.

Can you advise when it is going to be reinstated?



Hey! It’s totally fully visible on the web or desktop. The aforementioned update still applies. Cheers!

Good news! We JUST released an update to iOS and Android beta that addresses with a fix for that time zone/TSS issue! Check in with to make sure you’re on the correct version and you should be all set!

Great news!!

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