RPE and Calendar Intensity Estimate

Sorry if this question was already answered before. I couldn’t find the topic.
The TR RPE Table sais running with easy-moderate intensity is RPE 6. In the calendar moderate would be 4 and 6 is already uncomfortable.
Is it correct that calendar intensity is not RPE?

How do you rate runs/rides with intervals? Lets say the 2 hour run was mostly moderate (4) but had 3 10min intervals in uncomfortable (6). Which intensity estimate would be correct?


I do a weighted average of the difficulty. So for example, if I do a 30 minute cyclocross race at a 9 surrounded by two 15 minute warmup/cooldowns at a 3 I put down an intensity of 6 for the whole hour. IMO there’s going to be some inaccuracy anyway with the TSS estimation anyway just because of human perception being different than a calibrated power meter so as long as it’s somewhat close it’s probably fine.