I don't get the run instructions


at the moment I am following the half ironman plan but I do not get the run instructions


The estimated intensity is 1 (Recovery), RPE1???

I should run Easy to Moderate, RPE2 to RPE4???

And then it says “Easy to Moderate, RPE6” what :sweat_smile:

:woozy_face: please can you help me out

Google RPE chart and you will find that they either follow the Borg scale where it starts at 6 and goes up to 20 or from 1 to 10, I’m guessing TR are going with the Borg scale.

I don’t think it ever goes above 10, though :wink:

Full info here:

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Check out the link Chad McNeese put up. The RPE table combined with the text that gives you an indication of the workout goals is your best interpretation bet.

The intensity estimate is just that, an estimate and it can be changed.


To add, I also made a refined version of the Running RPE. Added color and adjusted a bit for more connection to the cycling terms.



Thanks a lot but what are “6x20-second relaxed sprints at RPE10” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I thought RPE10 is :face_vomiting: how can it be relaxed

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“Relaxed” refers to form. You should not be all tense and trying to beat Usain Bolt in the 100m. You want to keep your form the same throughout, but significantly up your tempo and cadence. Think of it like riding your bike and closing a gap: increase your cadence without getting out of the saddle. Relaxed sprint.


Thanks! So like they say in the intervals on the trainer keep your form - I got it :relaxed:

And something like “run an Easy-Moderate 50min at RPE6 pace and include 6x20-second relaxed sprints at RPE10 with 40 seconds of rest after each one.” this means of course that I have to do the six sprints in a row right? :grimacing:

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Exactly. I’ve been doing it for several seasons now. “Trust the process.” Never sacrifice form in the name of fatigue. Hold the line, sister, and go get it!

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