Routine to lose belly fat

Hi y’all.

For background. 35 male.
5’9(175 cm) around 155 pounds(70 kilos) with an FTP at 297.

I don’t want to necessarily lose weight but I want to shape my mid section.
I have a gut and love handles. I have finally concluded I wont be able to ride this off.
Has anyone followed an exercise routine that they have been able to follow and stick with that helped them shape up the mid area section.

You can’t target specific body parts. That’s not how fat loss works. If you want to lose fat, you gotta have a calorie deficit.



If you haven’t already, checkout the video TR did on nutrition: 🎉 New Video! 🎥🧑‍🔬 Science-Backed Nutrition Plan for Cyclists | Cycling Science Explained

This strategy works for me, although I find I need 30cal/kg to lose weight consistently, occasionally dropping below that during quieter periods. YMMV of course

I believe belly fat is one of the last places to go, so it may require some perseverance.


I guess I wasn’t clear I’m looking for exercise routines not necessarily how to lose the weight.

To be clear, you’re looking for resistance and functional exercises to build muscle in that area?

Dialled health is a good place to start for cycling-focussed strength plans.

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Routines for what? Building muscle? You won’t look more muscular just because you have more muscle under the fat.

building muscle =! losing fat

If you want to lose belly fat, you gotta lose belly fat. That doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight.


Afaik you can’t really target area of your body to lose fat in. You have to lose fat all over. Our bodies store fat where it’s convenient, and the region and shape might have more to with genetics, than with anything else.


The only targeted fat reducer I know of is plastic surgery


Have you heard of 8 minute abs?

Well there is now 7 minute abs and if that isn’t enough i believe they send you the extra minute free!

I have fat all over to lose but even when I’ve been sub 10% my genetics apparently say no visible abs for you, I just always carry fat there.

You can certainly do core work to get stronger, and you can do core work that might get some stuff popping out the sides of fat visibly, but unless you lose the fat over the middle as others have said, no amount of targeted exercise will lose that belly fat. In fact working that area may just make it appear larger even with no definition, think strongman/powerlifter builds.


I think the above replies are all fair that if you want to lose belly fat then targeting overall weight loss is the way to go. I’ve found though that if you concurrently follow a core exercise plan you can get some tone advantage as the weight is being lost. For me Pilates has been fantastic as most of my exercise is cycling/running - ie very bottom half focussed.

TLDR: general weight loss is a necessary condition , adding some core work like Pilates will help with toning.

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Thank you. I didn’t fully know that. I thought I was lacking in core work or exercise.

Only time I fully lose the belly fat is pushing weight to unsustainable and unhealthy levels (think 5-6% dexa) but hey at least you can get that stomach vascularity.



I believe the scientific term is “Dad Bod.” :rofl:

Lots of running helps. Every step flexes those abs, something we don’t get on the bike. But the body takes a beating so don’t ramp up too quickly.


Echo the points above.

Weighted squats and dead lifts can help posture as well as support cycling, and good posture improves the way you look.

Overhead press and bench will balance the lower body work you get from cycling, and could draw attention away from the midsection.

175 at 70kg is healthy range, I suspect you look better than you think you do.

As far as love handles and belly fat everyone is correct that you have to have low body fat across the entire body for those to be reduced they don’t leave a specific targeted area. One thing I didn’t see mentioned though is that if you want abs to show you need to have something there below the fat. I found weighted cable crunches, hanging or parallel bar leg raises and ab roll outs were the most effective for me to show abs after I reduced body fat to around 15%.



In my experience abs just come as a result of cycling and being lean. I am well defined in my abdominals and obliques and do absolutely nothing year round for them. Personally, unless this is a weakness or the off season, I think it’s a waste of time particularly if weight loss is the goal. Loosing weight and cycling 15+ hours a week is all that was needed for me at 47, 175lbs and 6’1 (off season weight 185lbs).

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I am a 38 Male, 175cm/69kg. My secret veapon for cutting is the evening Vo2 workouts without aftersession-nutrition. I drink 1l water and maybe eat an apple, than go to sleep. :smiley:
The belly fat is the last cushion on your body you will lose. It’s sad, but true. :slight_smile:
For proper advice ask a pro bodybuilder, who competing on state or national level.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster.