Route recommendation in Gran Canaria

I’m away on family vacation in Gran Canaria near Puerto Mogan. Planning to do a couple of 2-3 hrs rides. Can anyone recommend any good routes? I’ve looked at the at Strava route planner but would appreciate any further input. Many thanks

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My son and I were last there in 2017. We stayed in Vecindario which is along the coast from Puerto Mogan.

This route that we did started in Vecindario, went through Mogan and up the mountain. It’s a fantastic climb. You’ll love it.

If you’re after flat riding , the only route is along the south road. It’s a good road and not bad for traffic.


Here’s a ride we did along the bottom coast road…

I’m heading out there in March (staying in Arguineguin) and have been planning some rides. One important thing that I’ve learned is that the coast road to Mogan (between Taurito and Mogan) is closed! It’s been closed to cars for a few years due to landslides, but apparently until fairly recently cyclists and pedestrians could ignore the signs and get through fine, but now I hear it is properly blocked. The main highway slightly inland is open of course, but you can’t ride a bike on there. So my plan is to bypass it via the ferry between Puerto Rico and Mogan.

Here’s some useful info:


So grateful for the responses! Best cycling forum no doubt. :pray::pray:

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Thats good to know thanks.

Have you had your own bikes guys or rental?

Weve been to GC, Tenerife and Lanza a number of times and have both hired bikes and taken our own. When we hire we use Free Motion | Your expert for biking on Gran Canaria


Fun! :smiley: I was just there and have spend many weeks exploring the island.

Where exactly are you living in Mogan?

Regarding Mogan, its a bit of a difficult place to ride from, since they have closed the road for cyclists that connects to the “flat” parts of the island. So the only way out of Mogan is to ride up the mountain or down.

I have dragged a route below which is the nearest loop that you can do:

You can ride straight up to the top and back.

You’re also not too far from one of the best climbs/descents on the island: Serenity Climb Jct to Jct | Strava Ride Segment in Mogán, Canary Islands, Spain

Either way, just be prepared to either ride really long (and steep, if you are doing a loop with Valley of The Tears involved), or that its a more up and down kind of ride!

You can of course do loops but just be ready to take the ferry into Mogan.

Regarding cafe stops etc, Ayacata is the “classic” stop before the top, dont know how far it is up from Mogan since I haven’t ridden that way due to the closures, but usually one rides up and stops for coffee and some baguette with ham, then continue to the top (Pico).

Rides are generally long since you do lots and lots of climbing, so its hard to get a ride in if you only have 2-3 hours. Better to do fewer days I would say but do some proper rides!

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Thank you :pray:

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As others have said, from Mogan, Serenity is the nearest climb, sub 2 hour ride to the top from Puerto Mogan. Serenity is stunning, up and down.
You can continue from top of Serenity up to Ayacata and then up to the top of the Island but this is 4-5 hrs and a hard day out!
The VOTT is a very demanding undertaking, make sure you have 2 bottles on leaving La Aldea.
Another ride is down the coast to arguineguin then up to Soria where you hang a left onto a brutal climb on a poor road and that brings you out onto Serenity near the top.
Yet another road is down to Maspalomas and up through the Fataga canyon to San Bartolome then Ayacata and back down to Serenity for the glorious decent down to Mogan.
Coast road between Mogan and Puerto Rico has been totally closed for a few years now by a huge wall. There’s the GC1 tunnel but this is illegal for cyclists.
Gran Canaria is a stunning place for cycling but I hope you like climbing!
Heading to Mogan in May for 12th time!

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Yep - stayed in Taurito pretty much every year for >10 years. Used to be the best place to stay but sadly the closed coastal road is is now a major issue. If you’re actually around the headland and in Puerto Mogan it wont be an issue for getting up that climb and into the stunning national park, but it will stop you riding along the coast or any other areas in the island unless you ride half way up the mountain (approx 3000ft 20km) and go over the middle of the island. Then the same to get back again…

The ONLY way to get to the rest of the climbs on the island is now by going on the motorway through the tunnel - but thats very illegal and bloody dangerous! Its a dark tunnel with a lot of fast traffic and drivers are not expecting cyclists (but some cyclists do ride it…).

Last trip out there I hired a small car very cheaply and when I wanted to ride other areas I simply loaded the bike into it and drove a few miles through the tunnel and parked up. Was a bit of a pain but I could park at my hotel and frankly I wasn’t prepared to risk my life in the tunnel twice per day, or being fined by the police. Parking in P Mogan however is an absolute nightmare and I wouldn’t recommend trying to park a car there.

Hate to say it but that used to be THE best place to stay on the island for riding but now I wouldnt stay there again as you just cant ride enough different routes sadly.

I went in 2019 and stayed in the South. I can highly recommend the climb up to Soria, which I think is reasonably reachable via an inland route from where you are staying.

There is a cafe near the top that serves a good range of decent food and drink.

Here is a short video of the descent I did back down to whet your appetite :smiley:

We had planned to do the Valley of Tears but didn’t get around to it given we had a large group of very mixed ability riders and the climb is certainly challenging.

I’ve spoken to a number of people who have all recommended it as a fantastic if challenging climb, so maybe one to consider. I’d recommend watching a couple of the easily searchable YouTube videos of the full climb, to give you an idea of the scale of the climb !

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Did VOTT (Valley of The Tears) for the first time this time when I was on GC this year, and honestly, how the hell is that a pleasurable climb? I am 76kg, and averaged 310w for 10 minutes up the “The Wall” which is the first part of the climb. It was just brutal. And I could literally not have done any less watts than that or I would have been rolling backwards :joy:

Like, sure, we went the long way and had already been riding for 3 hours and like 2000 meters of climbing when we got to it, but still… its just a VERY steep road.

I dont know, I just feel like there are so many other great rides there that I wouldn’t recommend VOTT unless you love 20% climbs…

Btw, on topic…

If you by any chance do get the opportunity to ride somewhere else on the island, this ride here is probably my absolute favourite one of all time:

Long ass ride, but man it was beautiful once you get around and down on the other side of the island. Completely different climate!

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watched the vid. wow! awesome

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Serenity is a beautiful climb. Continue to Ayacata and back or go to Soria then down to arguinigan. Do the coast road to Puerto Rico then take the ferry back to puerto Mogan.

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