Hola from Spain

Well, I’m actually home in Canada now, but just spent the last two weeks in southern Spain cycling. I would not have been capable of 15,000 metres of climbing, 900km in 11 days without the guidance and support from TrainerRoad.
I’m 59 year old aging female athlete, recovering from spinal surgery as well as other life stresses. I started in October with SweetSpot LV 1 and 2, General Build LV and Century LV,
as well as 2 circuit training workouts per week. My FTP in Oct was 154, in March it was 185.
Thank you TrainerRoad, to all your support staff, your Podcasts for helping me realize a dream of cycling in the mountains of Spain. Not sure what to do now as I don’t want to loose fitness as the weather here in Canada is very inconsistent. SweetSpot? Any advise would be very much appreciated.


Wow! That’s a fantastic two weeks. What did you think of the region you were in?

Personally I’d think about completing SSB again. Maybe start with SSB LV2 and see if the rides offer a new challenge now your FTP has increased. You might even be able to throw in a couple of other sessions if you’re feeling up to it.

Thanks PusherMan! Southern Spain is AMAZING! Not the hordes of people that go to Mallorca either.
Will look at SSB LV2,


Shhhhhh keep it quiet! We don’t want too many riders when we return next year!

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Yes, it’s on the QT!!:wink:!!

Great to hear that!! I’m form south of Spain (Almería) and it is, in my unbiased opinion, the best place to cycle :slight_smile:


Silvio, you live in a dream area for cycling. Lucky you!!

haha thanks! Canada does not sound bad either

When Valverde has been known to appear at the local group’s rides you know you are in a good place.

Sagan does winter training up the road from us & we saw several Bora & Trek riders.

Right you are Silvio. I can’t think of a better place to ride.

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Awful place to ride. The guides are terrible too. No cats or dogs to be found anywhere. Ugh.

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Hello Scotland!!:wink::wink:

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