Training Camp Alone :-(

Hi All,

Looking to ask around, its a simple one really, has anyone on here done an organized training camp totally on their own not knowing a soul? None of my mates ride and my club mates are not too up for the venture.

I’ve done a week in Spain, with my old club from London, however moved back to Scotland 2020 and my new club don’t really plan big trips aboard.

Just wondering what the experience was like and if anyone can recommend any particular company / club.

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I did one a few years ago with Cycle Gran Canaria (Grand Canary Island). They have a bunch more services now. What I did was an all inclusive package (5 days, with lodging and food coupons) and flew with my own bike. Basically they provided a couple guided rides (small group) and/or you could join group rides with the shop they were associated with. I logged some killer climbing miles… and a great tan considering it was December and I came from Germany. I still had time to enjoy the pool/beach and be a tourist a bit without impacting recovery or riding.

Today I think they offer week long, fully supported tours of Gran Canaria. My only cautionary tale would be the ability group will vary and the stopping for coffee and lunch and then more coffee became a bit annoying. Guess it depends on your overall goal(s).


I’ve done a few solo trips to Spain. Flying on/out of Malaga. Booked a self-catering Air B&B, booked a hire car and off I go. I’ve always been a little bit anxious whilst away, in case of an accident or mechanical whilst away from base.

But more recently, I’ve been going to this place, that’s just north of Benidorm. I can’t recommend it enough. The guys that run it are awesome, and I guarantee you will absolutely love it. I’m out there again in May (14th - 21st). Come along!!


A few times I’ve went alone too but I’ve hooked up with local cycle tours it just takes some of the stress out of it and you usually find a lot of like minded people and a few in the same boat (alone). A lot of destinations also have a local expat cycling groups. The only thing you can’t be guaranteed that everyone goes your pace.

My last solo trip was with Love Velo in Tenerife (it turns out they were using local guides).
I’ve been to Mallorca a few times for training camps with Mallorca Cycle Tours. (I think those solo trips have been my best experiences, mainly due to larger groups).
And years ago I went with CycleCostaBlanca in Denia (combined with Vuelta stages).

My last trip abroad I did join however, my old Scottish club in Calpe and we had a blast!

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Calpe is where I did my last one in 2019… Loved it there.


I’ll come with you. I’m in Scotland too.

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Cycle Sierra Nevada is also a really good training camp I’ve used previously. But it’s more of a self catering affair.

Unlike the one near Calpe I linked to above, which is all-inclusive meals, drinks, ride snacks, etc

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Honestly, going on a training camp trip on your own is amazing…

  1. Your schedule is for you only, you do as you please at all time.
  2. Always on your own pace, never need to wait or stop or whatnot.
  3. You can ride with music on all rides
  4. Its healthy to be alone sometimes :slight_smile:

I would at least try it, even if you are sceptical. I would try to head to a place where it might be a bit more to explore when off the bike, like Nice for example. Or maybe even go somewhere where it’s easier to travel alone, like the dolomites or such.

As someone else mentioned here, Calpe is amazing!


How many people are there at once? How is it finding people of similar abilities to ride? Anything interesting to do in your leisure time?

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I did a „training camp on my own“ the last two years in Gran Canaria. Flew over there with the family, rented an all-inclusive hotel, rented a bike there, and went for a ride first thing each morning. Family stuff in the afternoon.

20+hours weeks and I loved it :relaxed:


The most I’ve encountered during my trips is 10 others; the least has been 2 others.
The ability levels can vary as well.
You can always make contact with the owner Noze, and he could guide you to a particular week to suit your abilities.

The villa/resort has got lots of facilities to use. Steam room, sauna, swimming pool, gym, tennis court, basketball ball, games room,

There are lots of walking trails in to the surrounding mountains.

There’s Benidorm and Calpe nearby down at the coast if you want to experience the typical tourists.

There’s enough at the villa to keep me occupied. It’s a great place to relax after a hard day’s riding.
The daily complementary sports massage’s help as well :joy:

Best riding ever.

Hell is other people


Did the Mallorca training camp with Trek Travel solo last year, loved it so much I’m going back this year again in April. About 15 people in the group with 3 guides and you can either ride with others in the group or alone on the preloaded routes in the head unit. Support van is available to refill everything at preplanned spots. I prefer to travel and ride solo, and wanted to ride somewhere awesome, but worried about being completely alone if something happened (ie accident, etc), so this kind of trip was perfect. Strongly recommend!