Thousand Oaks cycling camp - route recommendations

I’m helping plan routes for a 8 day March training camp stationed in Thousand Oaks and am looking for some tips/safety information regarding local routes. Plan is to average between 100km-150km and 2000-3000m each day. I’ve planned a handful of loops focusing on going down to the coast or east to Topanga State Park (forgive me, I’m not at all familiar with the area). I’m planning based on Strava heatmap and rides that some locals do (Gaimon, Izzy King, etc.). Are there any roads you’d recommend, or even more importantly avoid (i.e. avoid on weekends, avoid in general, etc)? Any other helpful route-based suggestions? Appreciate any help in advance!

Several months back, I asked Phil for recommendations for SoCal routes. He led me to his typical routes/Iz’s routes as “safe.” Just like you, I used Strava heatmap to inform my route choices as well. It worked perfectly, and I have a wonderful time every single time I get out to SoCal.

As one cautionary route - Don’t go UP Tuna Canyon. There’s a Strava segment, and people do it, but it’s one way - down. If you are looking at Tuna, it’s a HELL of a descent. Furthermore - mornings are best to ride on a weekday/weekend.

My favs when I’m out there are Las Flores, Latigo, Topanga, Stunt, (Mulholland to Pedaler’s Fork), among others that I’m sure I’ve missed.

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Thanks for that tips! I double checked, none of the routes go onto Tuna Canyon. We’re a bit further west, so most routes go up/down Yerba, Mullholand Hwy, Encinal Canyon, etc. We may venture to Franklin Canyon, but this ends up being quite a long ride without the “excitement” of hills.

All but first ride will be morning (~8am), so we’re fairly safe there!

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Love it! SoCal is such an epic place to ride. Enjoy the heck out of it!

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Avoid Kanan Dune. Full stop.

There are so many great ride from Thousand Oaks - I used to live out in Newbury Park. Check out rides on the Conejo Valley Cyclist site - this is my old club I used to race with in the early 90s.

Classic Climbs:
Rock Store
Topanga Canyon - also a fun descent if you know it. Super fast and twisty in sections
Encinal Canyon - my favorite climb from PCH
Latigo Canyon

Personally I hate Deer Creek as a climb. And the last time I did it - 2018 or 2019 - the road was in really poor shape which just made it suck more

Best long climbs

Yerba Buena
Piuma (To saddle peak)

Best steep climbs

Deer creek
Las Flores
Fernwood (to saddle peak).

Best moderate climbs

Mulholland (from PCH)
Topanga/old topanga

Fun descents


Technical descents

Tuna canyon
Las Flores