Gran Canaria Bike Week

Anyone on the forum going to participate in the Gran Canaria Bike Week this year?

I’ve done it in 2021 and it was a really nice training ramp, not to mention a great way to escape the European winter for 10 days in December. Also a really good deal price wise, basically you get accommodation, all the meals and 8 fully supported cycling days for less than a grand.

My cycling buddies bailed on me this year but I’m still going solo, was wondering if there are any TR users going there as well?

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Hi there Konrad. We’re doing the ride this year. With the support, was it all the needed gels etc and riding snacks each day? We have our own powders and gels that are very good quality and weren’t sure if it was overkill to bring them. Plus the bags are getting heavy.



349 euros includes accommodations? Once you hit the registration page the translated pages stop.

If you stay in the resort that hosts it, they waive the entry fee. The hotel with half board was €75 per person per night.


Wow, that looks amazing. Putting it on my bucket list.