Gran Canaria 2024

I am off to Gran Canaria in March with a few club members. We are staying in the south of the island, just outside of Maspalomas. Has anyone got any routes from recent months along the GC500 open segments or have any “flatter” rides they’ve done?

From everything available online it appears that the GC500 is mainly closed but a quick stalk of some strava segments show that thousands have been riding most of the segments I could find (“this year”).


I was there in November, staying in Maspalomas. The GC500 is still closed with no real prospect of reopening. It’s just a small closure near Taurito, you can still ride the rest of it.

There’s not many easy routes in GC. But the Aqualand/Palmitos Park loop out the north of Maspalomas is good for a recovery day.

You’ve got a lot of stunning miles ahead of you. Serenity and Soria are a couple of my favourites.

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The only closure I know of is where Bigred mentions. You should be able to ride up to the last headland prior to Puerto Mogan. Heading east along the flat land is possible but a bit bland. The real appeal of GC to me is inland but the climbing is tough!
Fataga canyon is beautiful but has plenty climbing! You could ride along the coast to Arguineguin then take the valley road inland towards Soria, flat for a while before the beautiful climb to Soria.
Serenity climb is up there with anything I have ever done but if you don’t want climbs…
The ferry is a good way to get along the coast if you did want to get to say Puerto Mogan and climb Serenity?
I won’t even mention The VOTT!!

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@BigRed @mulvers Thank you both! Very insightful,

Been to GC a few times, the hills are tough! Easiest ‘spin’ is up the Ayaguares valley, about 19miles round trip, 1700ft, lovely route but steep in places. The ride to Soria is another belter, head out West on the coast road, turn inland after about 5 miles, solid climb up at the end, about 40 mile round trip, go through the village to the bar towards the reservoir, mango juice. Or, up past the cemetery towards Fataga, keep going as far as you want, initial viewpoint, Fataga, up past the Aloe Vera shop, St Bart viewpoint, St Bart and maybe just keep going. Can easily rack up 4000ft+ from sea level but nice on the way back! :smiley:. Or, climb up to St Bart, turn right towards Santa Lucia, back to base in a big triangle. Roads are great, nice and smooth and mainly quiet, busiest area is right on the coast and the coast road, inland is very quiet.

Edit - I’ve never been brave enough to take the left at Soria, always too hot for me in Summer.

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The left at Soria is brutal, in more ways than one! Road surface becomes extremely poor, some steep gradients and it seems to be hotter than hell! Takes you onto Serenity and onwards to Ayacata and maybe down to San Bartolome then Fataga.

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Check out the rides/tours that this shop runs Guided bike tours | Free Motion Gran Canaria

GC-65 from San Bartolome to El Doctoral and back to Maspalomas (with tailwind) is my one of my favorites.