Rolling sweet spot workouts on a stages spin bike

Just curious to get others’ opinions. I’ll be traveling next week to my in-laws and when I’m there I go to a nearby gym which has stages spin bikes, which is great because it satisfies my OCD to keep up with trainerroad. However, there are many limitations to that type of setup, and in the sweet spot plan, I can see myself getting annoyed with trying to do rolling sweet spot intervals. My thinking is just to aim for the average of the interval (usually it’s 90% for these) rather than try and mess with the dumb resistance knob. Wish I could have a setup there, but only going once or twice a year isn’t worth it, so gotta go with the best available alternative!

That’s a great option, certainly much better than not getting the workout in at all :wink:

You have the perk of having a bike with a power reading, which is a huge advantage.

Good luck with your training and happy holidays!

You can handle that with changes in cadence. The Stages bikes with power in our gym have both the resistance knob and three way lever. So I throw lever to the right and set resistance for 90% efforts, and then for recovery intervals just throw lever to the left. Works well, I rarely need to tweak resistance knob.

@hubcyclist You have it right. 1st priority is consistency. Just getting on your bike and getting in some training, even if it were just some aerobic/endurance will get you ahead of what 90% of what most do that travel - nothing.

2nd priority is specificity. If you can get TSS in the zone(s) you are training and you will have achieved 95% of what any fine tuned workout will do. And it’s not worth sweating the details (e.g. x mins at 88%; y mins at 92%, etc.). It’s all sweet spot and I haven’t seen any proof that all at 90% is less effective than 1/2 at 88 and 1/2 at 92, particularly for a few sessions.

FWIW: When I don’t have a quality cycling machine to use when traveling, I will load up on strength training. I’m a huge believer (and have seen the benefit of) the value of a robust, high quality strength training program for cycling and travel is a great opportunity to get a lot of it in.

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