Sweet spot intervals

I’ve noticed that lots of the sweet spot work outs are very static. Exe ride at 93% of your ftp 3x10 or what ever. Why are there not over under style workouts with intensities appropriate to approximate theses steady state efforts ? It would seem that some varriable effort around the sweet spot could helpful. Don’t get me wrong there are work outs that vary a little around sweet spot , but not really an over under style ?

In most of the structured plans there is more of that static sweet spot during the week and then the longer weekend workouts would include those over/under efforts. Since those over/unders are more taxing you aren’t going to be able to do as many of them as efforts in sweet spot so they don’t pop up as frequently.

What training plan are you following right now?

Peak ahead in the current plan, and even into the build & specialty phase that you’d be targeting to see what type of variation you’ll be experiencing. There is certainly plenty!

I don’t think so. A SS over-under isn’t the same as a Threshold over-under. Doing 88-93% O/U won’t illicit any different physiological adaptations than just doing a straight 90% interval.

A Threshold O/U trains the body how to deal with lactate more effectively. That’s why they’re really only utilised in that zone.

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Thanks that makes sense

This is correct.

However a ride like Tallac is so much easier mentally for me because the interval is broken into smaller pieces - doesn’t really change anything about what my body is going through but does change it mentally

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I agree here. I mentally struggle with long sweet spot intervals. I get through them but it takes a lot of mental energy.

That’s kind of what I was thinking even if there’s no difference in adaptation, if they were more mentally engaging that’d be nice.

You’re only paying Coach Chad $10 a month, he’s not going to do everything for you!! FWIW, I’d rather be in charge of and define my own mental challenges.

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That’s interesting, I prefer the ‘flat’ rather than rolling intervals as I find I can just settle into the power and daydream a bit. I find the rolling intervals more challenging as they demand more concentration to keep the power on track.


If you listen to music when you workout (and I really think you should), then I find a playlist with lots of shorter (2-3 minute) songs helps break up the longer intervals and keeps them engaging.

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When I was using my dumb trainer I preferred the flat intervals. On the ERG rolling ones are a little better because it changes the feelings in the legs a bit.

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Or listen to a podcast and look at the time after each question has been answered. Works for me.

I will often put the steady state sweet spot workouts in the creator and edit them so I get small changes every couple of minutes. I find it very very hard to do 15 mins at the same wattage even in erg mode.

Agree! I did 3 x 15 sweat spot yesterday and I have 3 x 20 next week. Ugh, I’m gonna have to bring my mental “A” game next week. :weary:

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Does work our creator work on the IOS app ?

I just had 2x30. It’s just a thing. You get used to it.

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Sorry don’t know…use a windows 10 pc to edit workouts…just change the name to something like Tallac harder because I put some peaks in it.

I think workout creator only works on mac and windows. However, the workouts you create get saved to your account and can be ridden via the TR app on any platform, including ios.


Here is another example of a SS workout with some variation of power targets. This type is out there, along with the flat ones. You could sub 8n either type if you prefer it over another.

Part of the point of workouts like Galena is to train you to remain mentally engaged while uncomfortable and without much external stimulus.