Rocker Plates for Trainers

Two 5”, nope. I’ll have the maiden voyage tomorrow on it. I did realize as I was trying to level it, it was a pain and I asked myself is this going to have to be done every ride?

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The balls tend to hold pressure well. I top mine off about once per month is all. The initial hassle is there, but not much of a long term problem. No worse than lubing a chain (which is what I tend to couple with for my trainer bike maintenance).

Wasn’t sure if you were suggesting using only two 5” balls. I’m 165lbs so not sure if I need more or not. I’ll have to play around and see. Hard to get exact psi with my floor pump. I’m kinda eyeballing it and relying on a level and by feel. (All based off just pumping them up initially…so no real world riding experience on it )

Sure, I am 150lbs in gear and even use just two 4" balls on some rockers. You have them, so there is no reason not to try two.

For pumps, this is a great option with low pressure control:

But short of that. Just fill up one side, balance the rocker with pressure in the other side, hop on and see how it feels. If you want more pressure, add to both to keep level. You can fine tune by feel with more or less pressure on either side to nail the level balance.

I did 4 years on a rocker without a pressure gauge, so it is very possible. Just takes some experimentation. A pump helps when you are trying to maintain your finalized settings, but is not a requirement.

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Thanks!! I’ll give it a try with two. Looking forward to the benefits vs a ridged setup.

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I switched from the Kickr to the H3 because I was having significant accuracy problems with my Kickr. It was out of warranty, and I was offered to swap it for a refurb unit for $300 (or maybe $350), which I did not want to do.
Here is an example of what I was seeing on the Kickr:

Other than the accuracy I have been happy with the kickr (gen2, 2016 I think - first one with the handle). Hopefully the H3 will last longer :slight_smile:

I was having these problems during the late summer, in a hot garage. The kickr seemed to get more accurate when the weather cooled down, so it could be temperature related, but at that point it had left my ‘circle of trust’, and I had decided to get a new trainer. I went with the H3 as it has been generally well reviewed, and the ERG mode was reported to be very smooth. (And it is very smooth - I like it a lot in ERG mode.) I timed my purchase to line up with the holiday deals that seem to happen every year, so I got a very good deal on it as well. If the H3 was not on sale I may have considered something else if it was a good enough deal.
November/December is the time to buy a trainer based on these sales - you can pretty much count on at least 20% off at various retailers. The H3 was 25% off at REI and others, and I managed to get it at 40% off! (stacking discounts that maybe weren’t meant to be stackable, but clever training honored it.)

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Nice to hear that you are happy with the H3. I plan on using it for zwift group rides and races. After a bad experience with a Wahoo snap, I also have lost trust in Wahoo.

I tried a Elite Direto, but the ride feel is terrible.

Since I bought the Elite at REI during a 20% off sale, they said they would give me the same 20% off on an exchange when I bring back my Elite.



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it’s nice that REI is taking care of you like that.

Does the placement of the rubber balls impact performance? My rocker plate is going to be approximately 32” wide x 24” deep, should I locate the balls half way between the front and back (12” from front & back). Or locate them on the center line of my Kickr Core fly wheel?

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Won’t matter much unless you have a flimsy top deck.

I like them towards the rear, and i don’t drill the access holes, so I set the inflation hole rearward, and fill from there. Left to right you can impact flex. Stiffer with wide spacing, softer with narrow spacing. I am about 6" center pivot to center of my 5" balls.

Looks like my Saris MP1 is finally arriving tomorrow via FedEx. Should be able to get it set up for some weekend riding.



I rode the rocker plate for the first time tonight and WOW…what a difference it is. It was pretty dialed in from the start. I rode it comfortably for an hour. At the end of the ride I just pumped up the left rear ball a few pumps to fine tune the balance. Easy way to check was with my iPhone level. So far I’m really impressed with it. Super comfortable and a lot of movement. I got out of the saddle and it rocks as much as outside. So cool. Really happy with how it turned out. Have a feeling my friends will be hitting me up for a build.


That is awesome! So glad you had such a great experience for your first ride. Congrats and happy rocking. :smiley:

Pretty sure that front wheel isn’t going anywhere!!

Nice job on the rocker.

Lol. If it does, I’m in trouble :rofl:

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Made a down a dirty (well down and dirty for me) rocker plate this morning. Used scrap plywood and hardware I had laying around and only purchased the playground balls and 4 isolation dampers. Total fabrication time was about 30 minutes. I still need to fasten the trainer to the top plate and test it out.


That looks like a great start! Have a great first ride. :smiley:

This was a proof of concept build. Once I get this dialed in I will make a final version with nicer Baltic Birch plywood and put some time in the details and finishing work.

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I jumped on the “Kinetic R1 for $699” deal and from a physical hardware standpoint it does what people have been talking about here for years. I did have one day where everything seemed a bit off and that was because two of the feet were off of my “training rug” so I was leaning to the side. My Bad…

Even so as my wife would say “Ya’ll got some very interesting ideas here.” and props for thinking out side of the tesseract.

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