Road racing event in east coast? Long distance preferred

Hey TR community,

For 2024, I would like to join races/event but I am not sure where can I start as a solo rider without local community. I have never done an actual race before.
I am located at east coast, NJ. I found an event call Suarez Gran Fondo National Series and the website introduction seems that the event is good, but I am not sure.
Does anyone know about this event? if yes, how is it? what is your experience?
Is there other road cycling event that is recommend for east coast?

Gran fondo national series are fantastic events. Super well run, solid routes and well attended. I havent done the NJ one, but have done 5 of their other city events…all great. These are segment races, so not really a typical road race….but 4 mini races combined in one large loop. Really fun.

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Hey Billy, thank you very much for the feedback! Do people usually ride in a team or sole? I am thinking if I should join a local bike club is necessary.

You dont need a team. Being strategic with position coming into each segment is important. Basically figure out who the stronger riders are and follow their wheel as long as you can. Then after the segment the group bunches back up and repeat. After the first or second segment, you really learn whos wheel to get on.

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Hey Billy, thank you for the advice.
I’ll be getting ready for the next season.

If you are looking for usac races (where you need a racing license) in NJ area, they will be listed on Most normally are not posted until maybe 2 months beforehand. There are not many road races (maybe none) around anymore. Bear mountain road race in NY is the only one I can think of offhand. There are several grand fondos and a bunch of gravel events.

What part of Nj?

Events – NJ Bike Racing is the calendar for NJ usac racing. You can scroll back into last season to get an idea.

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Hey Tditullio,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I am actually interested in longer distance race such as Fondo.

I am in north part of NJ close to NY state. I practice often in Harriman, Bear and 9w.

Currently towards following Suarez Gran Fondo National Series. Probably will do 3- 4 Fondos for 2024.

Nothing has been set yet.