Northeast US events for *2024*

We can’t let those Midwest folks have all the fun with their thread. What do you have lined up for 2024 in/around New England and New York?

So far I have 3 events on my calendar and some more ideas brewing. :smiley: I’m hoping I can get to ~3.8w/kg by end of June but looking forward to struggling on some of these :sweat_smile:

Tour of the Battenkill

Vermont Gran Fondo 109 miles and 10k+ ft of climbing :grimacing:

D2R2 160k route


I was thinking of hitting the Battenkill this spring as it’s right in my backyard, but need to get some upgrades (mainly tires) to support some of the rough gravel I’ve seen on these roads.

Which fondo length are you targeting for Battenkill?

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I’m doing the 75mi route. I did it 2 years ago and got a sidewall slash on Schwalbe Pro Ones, so I’m going to use something a bit more robust this year. Probably Conti GP5000 All Seasons. :thinking: I saw people riding everything from 23mm road tires/rim brakes to a Salsa Cutthroat with MTB tires!

Yeah, I’ve heard that there IS a wide range of rubber being used out there, from race slicks to some aggressive gravel tires.

Considering what i’ve read in the past, Battenkill has been referenced as having the greatest number of punctures of any one day event, so I feel you are playing with a bit of luck if you are out there running something that’s not a little robust at least… my opinion of course and I certainly won’t be out there competing for even close to a top 10, so I’d rather run something that gives me a bit better confidence level that I’ll finish!

Good luck out there. I’m on the fence between the 45 and 75mi just now. I suppose I should make a decision SOON!

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My A “event” is a series of crits over Memorial Day Weekend. Easton, PA, then Plainfield, NJ and Somerville, NJ. Really fun series and fields of 80-100+ racers.

Killington VT has the Killington Stage Race in May and Green Mountain Stage Race over Labor day weekend. Supposedly really high level events that I’d love to do some day.

Depends on whether you consider VA to be the South or NE, but there’s the Tour of Newport News in April. Fun event that does a sprint competition on Friday night before a Crit, TT, and RR.

Buffalo, NY has the 2 Days of Buffalo, which has a TT, Crit, and RR.

I put together this list of multi day events as well, across all of the US. Listed by date and separated by type.

USA Road Races

Also, check out this map of BikeReg races displayed over a map of the US. Really helpful in planning based on location.

Oh yea, can’t forget about the Mt. Washington auto road climb. One day a year you can ride up. I think there’s a Whiteface Mountain road climb as well but I don’t know the details.

For gravel, there’s UnPAved in PA that was pretty good. Usually in October.


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Hm, here are my main events for 2024, all in Vermont:

  • Rasputitsa - 4/20. It’s back at Jay this year and a week earlier, so they’re definitely trying to push it back into being super difficult, really cold, and sloppy.
  • Muddy Onion - 4/27. Swapped weekends with Rasputitsa, looks like the course is going to be roughly the same as last year, which was much longer and tougher than previous years when they added the 55 mile distance. This is in my backyard and we got hit with two floods this year (one last week!), so some of the roads are going to be very choppy and chunky.
  • Grateful Gravel - 7/27. Site hasn’t been updated for 2024 yet, but it will be happening again. Super fun race-ish event. LOTS of climbing and a great vibe.
  • Vermont Overland - 8/24. (sign-ups today, going on right now and will likely sell out soon). Super fun and fairly brutal race with lots of very chunky Class IV roads.

The Tunbridge Ranger is another I’m going to try to make, and I think I’ll also give the VT Gran Fondo a try if it fits in with my calendar.


Lots of gravel. Like all gravel.

That map is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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That’s just because of what was suggested. Unless the intent is to make this one Road Specific (Which it doesn’t look like)

The Gran Fondo National Series has a route in northern NJ. Haven’t done one of these events but have ridden the area before and it’s beautiful.

Highlands Gran Fondo

Also the Gran Fondo National Championships in Maryland.

Nope…figured we could get some good discussions going like in the Midwest events thread!

@FergusYL Great list!! I want to do Grateful Gravel for sure.

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My favorite event of all time in NJ is sadly no longer happening. Gran Fondo New Jersey (aka GFNJ or Garden State Fondo). The main guy that put it on Marty passed away a few years back and sadly hasn’t run since Covid. Was a really awesome event in NJ that rode through some beautiful roads.

The only other even I’d really like to try is Green Mountain Stage Race. One of the few remaining stage races in the US and from what I hear, is just an epic weekend.

For gravel, the Jersey Gravel Grinder runs in spring and fall and has some good routes in Bedminster NJ. I ride that area frequently. It’s not Midwest gravel but it’s decent.


Back when Battenkill was a USAC road race we all raced on standard road bikes with rim brakes and 25mm. Definitely lots of punctures. My last time there was 2017 but it wasn’t under USAC or Deiter any longer. It was still called a road race and maybe half the field was still on road bikes. There are few more gravel sections now I believe.

It was super cool under USAC with multiple fields for each class racing separately, each with a lead car and follow moto. The 2017 was a clusterf as far as actually racing as everyone was sent out at the same time and I had no idea who was even in my class. It was billed as a road race but ran like a fondo. I would like to go back again for the current event.


I am a maybe for the Tour of the Battenkill. At the very least, I have it on the calendar. I’d be on a road bike, so probably 30 or 32mm tubeless?

I’ll definitely be at the Wilmington Whiteface 100K (XC MTB) on Sunday June 2 near Lake Placid.

Beyond that, I’ll be at Lutsen and Leadville, but those aren’t NE.

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Battenkill is a great ride. Definitely a fondo vibe in the back with fast folks racing up front, if that’s what you enjoy. It was well run and lots of fun. I’d guess it was maybe 15% gravel when I did it 2 years ago, so a road bike set up tubeless like you mentioned is probably perfect.

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My “A” event is Western Maryland’s Garrett County Gran Fondo. 126 miles and 16,500+ feet of climbing (road event). It’s June 22nd. There are shorter distances also. It’s very well run. GCGF RIDES – GARRETT COUNTY GRAN FONDO


I would reccomend Berkshire Velo’s Greylock Century. It’s still a smaller event but very well run with a lot of well stocked aid stations. It does have 12,000’ of climbing over the 105 miles so it might be the one of the hardest road century rides in the east. It doesnt look like they have a date planned yet but was in June last year


Unless it’s really wet, Battenkill is a road bike ride with some dirt sections. More and more of the roads are being paved — even Meeting House road. I have ridden in years past using file-tread tubulars and 25c clinchers (neither tubeless nor road bikes with clearance for fat tires were a thing). I’d now use 28 or 30c. If you want to do gravel, the promoter that put on Battenkill when it was trying to be a UCI pro race (and sold it) now runs The Great North, which is more of a Gravel Grinder event in the same area. The GREAT NORTH Battenkill Valley Online Registration

I’m for now registered for Raputitsa, Toad Strangler, Farmer’s Daughter, Great North, and North Wind Gravel Classic.

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@FrankTuna Two on the calendar so far:

Also planning on Secret Squirrel MTB in Taunton, MA, Barnburner in Walpole, MA and the Vermont 50 in Brownsville, VT.