Ric Stern on ramp testing

You may need the “Shut Up Legs” steerer cap.

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Here’s the video, jumping to the part I found most interesting:

I meant the absolute difference (75% vs. 72% = 3%; 75 vs. 77% = 2%).

I’ll wear my jersey signed by Jensie :+1:

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oh snap! Did you do the Jensie fondo? I would’ve loved to see him riding the fondo, though like the Levi’s Gran Fondo, I’d probably never see him.

Tour of California 2018 Stage 5, I was selected as anti-doping chaperone and had access to VIP area where he was in a booth. Was hanging out with a friend selected as woman anti-doping chaperone, she is German and chatted him up.

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Thanks. The ‘how’ is very clear and the examples given are really helpful.

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I strongly suggest that for anyone who races, that they complete both a 20-minute TT test (or a 60ish-minute one) and a MAP test. Seeing where you lay on the % scale can provide valuable insight into what sort of training may be required for you (albeit this is only a beginning, and other factors can come into play). If you just want to do a MAP test,

From 2019 :thinking:

@briansteve77 In case you skimmed by this upthread, @PhilW gave good examples:

Also, I like that he uses 105% of MAP instead of 100% (like me) because it highlights that you still need to adjust a bit.


Crikey! If VT2 is around 90% of VO2max for those in their 60s then there isn’t much room for play! Basically everything is scrunched down to half its “normal” range.

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There is also (probably just as longstanding) “training is testing” school of thought. It has also been mentioned in this thread that ‘there should be some validation workouts’. Well, I’d say more or less any sweet spot workout can be used for that purpose…

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Too many people obsessed with a high FTP! Firstly a proper FTP is best done outside and secondly there are too may bedroom warriors batting it out and no doubt putting a lower weight input to keep up with the bragging rights.

Why are you responding to me?

I do and have done the 20 min protocol for years and years now.

WTF is a bedroom warrior? I almost ride 100% outside. What does putting a lower weight input mean?

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Bedroom warrior is probably people who compete in Zwift and never on real races… like if that really matter. (Similar to weekend warriors that only do car racing during the weekends as a hobby).

Lower weight/higher FTP on zwift gives you a better w/kg which makes you “faster”


The person is new to the forum… maybe trolling?

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Joined 2nd Feb.

I thought it was an odd comment, I had to look at what you had posted to see if it made more sense. It didn’t in the context of your post, really don’t worry about it or take in personally.

They are referencing Zwift racing I think and also cheats on Zwift. Fake low weights entered in the game and therefore a better W/Kg. The comment about FTP makes no sense at all, but think that might be a communication issue.

Probably just hit the grey reply button in a post instead of the red one at the bottom of the thread.

Anywhooo… thanks up top for the link to Ric’s work.

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Hey, i’ve read this Richard Stern article some days ago. I found it interesting i decided to test his proposals on the ramp test.

So, i’ve built a custom workout, where the ramp has a rate of 25W/m as he advocates for non-elite. I’ve decided not to go for a stepped ramp test, but a linear one. Here it is (i’ve completed this test just 2 days ago):

The problem then is picking the correct percentage to calculate FTP estimate… from the 72-77% range he mentions.

I’ve had always the feeling that my ramp ftp tests (TR and Zwift) were slightly overestimating my FTP (struggle too much on threshold and VO2max workouts). So, i’ve decided to pick initially the 72%.

My last ramp test was some time ago, but taking into account my latest workouts weeks, i would put my FTP between 230 and 235W. I’ve defined 230W and did the test. Got the best 1 minute power and multiplied it by 0.72 which gave me an FTP estimate of 236W. In the next weeks i’ll see if 72% is Ok for me or if i feel some harder intervals “too easy” i’ll raise it. I think within some weeks i can get my percentage of MAP (72-77%) dialed in.

I’ll try to use this protocol for the next months and see if i’m happy with it. If yes, i’ll just stick with it instead of the standard TR ramp test. Of course i could just use the TR ramp test and dial the FTP a bit lower (using ~73-74% of best minute, instead of 75% that TR uses), but i like more of a linear ramp instead of a stepped one.


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@Carlos_Vieira I believe what you are doing might be referred to as “textbook”. Great approach :+1:

Ric Stern has a file that you can download, as well as having his test in the TR library of workouts, for those interested.

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Thanks @tshortt :slight_smile: