Wine with Nate / Business Insights with CEO Pearson

In the spirit of Beers with Chad and the new features for unusual times, I would like to formally request something with @Nate_Pearson as per the suggestion on a recent podcast. I don’t know how much you can share before you’re giving out secrets but I for one would be interested to hear about how you have developed TR, lessons learned, things you have changed. Even if it was a one-off it would be great.




I’d be interested too!

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Mentioned this the other night during a group workout in response to the podcast as well - I would love this. @Nate_Pearson has a lot of interesting/fun insights and experiences into different things he has tried or experimented with and clearly it has worked pretty well with TR - drop some knowledge on us!


I would surely join… this is one of my favorite websites, podcast, app, coach, hobbie, etc… would love to know how it started and how it got here…

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Nate doesn’t strike me as a wine guy. I imagine a cocktail with an umbrella or something :tropical_drink:.


He was a Vegas cougar magnet or something like that in another life so maybe he’s into Chardonnay? :man_shrugging:

I’m gonna hold out until ‘Shots with Pete’ comes online.


Fruit juice with Jonathon ? :smiley:


‘Vegas cougar magnet’ :joy:

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Thirded would also be intrest in the technical architecture and developement method etc

Woah! Buckle up boys and girls cuz this is a mega blast from the past!!!

side note: @Nate_Pearson – is your training still fueled by “great coffee, BBQ and pie”? :wink:

[edit: a TR sub was only $7/month in 2012!]


This would be awesome :+1:

There were brutal workouts from the early days too: And it’s still in the catalog

I’d love this and be interested to talk shop on how @Nate_Pearson runs TR and also hear about the unsung heroes that we don’t hear about in the podcast or on the forums.


This is pretty close to the VO2max w/o I whipped up from a lab protocol.
But Striped is even closer.

4x15-minute sets
15 seconds at 160%
30 seconds a 153%
45 seconds at 147%
60 seconds at 140%
Repeat in the reverse manner.

Recoveries following each interval are 3 times as long as the interval itself.

Custom VO2max Protocol:
10x each:
15 sec @ 300%/1:15 min recovery @ 40%
30 sec @ 250%/2:30 min recovery @ 40%
45 sec @ 200%/3:45 min recovery @ 40%

Recoveries following each interval are 5 times as long as the interval itself.

I might give the more subdued Kettle a shot. :thinking:

@Nate_Pearson . Very interested to hear your philosophy on running a business and what distinguishing attributes good leaders have/hone. Pulls Cork

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I drink everything but brown liquors. I think they do something to my system. I’ve had a few times where I throw up for 14 hours the next day and feel like total death.

I’m not a snob on wine. As long as it doesn’t taste like pure vinegar I’m a fan.


Thanks everyone for wanting to hear my opinion on this sort of stuff.

I’ll be hosting Beers with Chad on Friday!! :smiley::smile::smile: So if you want to ask me any questions, that would be a good time.

I’ve been also writing down my thoughts on starting a business, running a business, and leadership. Like a mix of the stuff I’ve learned, the mistakes I’ve made and the things that work for us now.

My plan is to start a TikTok with one minute TikToks about each of these ideas. I’ll probably try to record like 30 at once, then put them out over a month or so.

That’s the plan at least, I just have to make time for it.

I can probably post these on IG too if there is interest.


If we have Beers w/Chad and Wine w/Nate who is going to support the Cocktails crowd? I don’t think @Jonathan is up to the task.

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