Chad's Departure

I am so sorry to hear about Chad’s departure from TR. :cry:
I admire him as an athlete, coach ,deep dives into complex studies, and his sense of humour.
I will miss him on here, and feel disappointed that TR just made a very brief announcement about his departure.
There was no mention of all the hard work and dedication he gave to TR, to us, the coachees, and the fact that he was a valued team member who helped bring TR the success it has today.
It would be good to see some gratitude shown (by TR) for his contribution.

Meanwhile, I say goodbye ,thankyou, and all the best for your future happiness and fulfilment, Chad


Say what now?

Opening of the podcast yesterday:


Yeah, I liked Chad too. When people exit a company (or are exited from a company) there normally isn’t thousands of customers who associate the individual with the brand. In this case it feels more akin to a pro sports team losing a marquee player. Obviously there are reasons why things like this happen. Regardless I wish him the best too


Adaptive Training has become self aware.


The way how they handled really made everyone speculate wildly. I couldn’t think of a worse way to handle whatever went on.

If they just said Chad left trainerroad and is on to other ventures. People wouldn’t even care.


We joke but tbh…if the plans write themselves…why do you need a coach?


Lol! AI replaced coach chad? The prophesy is coming true


Some new plans on the way?

Announcement followed by update on Polarised Plans?

Chad will be missed very much. He was the cornerstone of TR as far as I could tell. Things will never be the same or as good without him.




I’d say the plans would have no clue how to write themselves without input on how to behave…this is so even if you believe in the power of AI being capable of really adjust training.

As other coaches have said there’s still not enough data to really write automated plans including all the variables going on.

Having said that wow this is big news…any more info on the matter?


I think its really a matter of time tbh.

If you have data from users on status with respect to stress and recovery and have enough data on what exercises elicit a certain response, writing completely automated yet optimized programs isn’t out of the question.

No info and according to the podcast it was not a voluntary departure. They won’t comment further. Its the intro of the podcast for the week if you want to see it

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Really disappointed to hear Chad has left TR. He has been a real inspiration throughout his time on the podcast. Informative, knowledgeable, humble and great humour. He will be badly missed.
Good luck for the future Chad.


Oh wow, I’m two podcasts behind so I hadn’t heard yet. Sad to see him go. Obviously he was such a part of the success of both the podcast and TR itself. Wishing him the best on whatever adventure he takes on next.


There will be a lot of speculation. Most of it will be incorrect.



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they can’t even do trainnow correctly, i sometimes look at what it recommends, and on my own plan rest weeks, trainnow recommends sweet spot/threshold work after I had already done 3 weeks of interval work. So I’m not totally on board with AI really being able to create training without good human guidance


I mean according to some we should already have fully autonomous vehicles. But here we are. Still not having them.

With ML and adaptive training things keep improving but I would still take a good human coach’s plan over any other plans. At least for now.

It’s the “matter of time” that is a very big TBD.


Thats largely due to the fact that TrainNow is meant to be plan agnostic; it doesn’t really respect any periodized plan it just recommends the workout that best fits in light of what you’ve done.

We are really scratching the surface of AI as well as understanding how to quantify training and performance.