Returning, what plan?

Hi all

I am returning to TR to get some structure back and get back into shape to feel better. Last few years I have had focus on other things off cycling. I am a club rider who used to race MTB XCO with the odd RR.

I am now just a club rider. I was with the top group in the club riding regularly including commuting. I now have time to focus back onto cycling and I would like to get back with the group I was riding with. I can train / ride 10h a week. This would be a 2h club ride mid-week and a 3/4h ride on a weekend, sometimes two weekend rides in. One being a good old bash up, the other a steadier Z2 ride.

Without racing I am not sure what plan to go for. The weekday ride with the club us a good 2h (max) punch up a Saturday ride would be a good 3h rolling punch up too (mid ride coffee). What do people think?

Apologise if there is a thread on this topic, but had a search and cannot find one.

To clarify are you have consistently done 10 hours per week and are doing so currently? Or you have 10 hours available but are coming back from doing nothing? Somewhere in between?

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Ah apologise, I knew I missed something.

Over the last month I have averaged 4h. But I have done nothing this last 9 days due to finishing a project at work.

/Edit. I have the capacity for 10h a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. So on avg a 10h week. If I commute thats 1.5h a day.

I think you’re racing twice a week, which is not ideal training.

I’d make your club rides social, easy effort and do Low Volume SSB, into SusPB.

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Thanks. The Weds punch up would be better and then more of a social longer ride on a weekend.

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The main thing is to be ready for your next work out, so you might want to schedule easier/moderate workout for your Thursday, hardest ones on Monday and Thursday.

See how you go and adaptive training will help make sure the workouts aren’t too hard.

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Whichever looks the most fun :blush:

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