Restructuring SSB plans due to illness


I got off from my training because kids got sick on 13.1. After that I got the flu and had to rest 19-26.1. I was hoping to start the training today. Now it seems that I’m still too sick to start the training and I hope to get back on the bike next weekend.
So I was on SSLV1 last training week before the recovery week. I missed the last training Palisade + the final easy week.
After reading how to adjust the training when getting sick I have now moved back on my plan three weeks.
Should I go back three weeks or should I just start the SSLVII. Or what should I do?

This is my first time with TR and with any structured training. I don’t have any specific race date. Ofcourse I would like to be in the best possible shape when the outdoor seasons starts. I know that when the weather in finland starts to get nicer around May I will either stop the TR or just ride one or two TR seassions a week and rest of them outside.

If you don’t have an event to prep for, I would be tempted to go back to SSBLV1 - building a bigger base allows you to perform better later on.

Also, this may help regarding what to do in the event of missing sessions (from TR blog).

@NIKO I’ve changed your title to more clearly state your question. Since you don’t have an A race or event, I’d start over with SSB 1. Listen to your body and if you’re still sick and not recovered, take it easy until you’re ready to train. Don’t bury yourself and prolong your illness.

The answer to my question here probably exists elsewhere, but I also got sick about 10 days ago and then we had a death in the family and I missed an entire week’s training as well, so my question is, did you just use the “push/pull week” thing, or how did you rearrange your training weeks? I’d like to go back and complete the workouts I missed last week, but if I remember right, the last time I used “push week” it didn’t move the rest of the plan, just the week in question. Would I then go and move each subsequent training week forward or what?

To @mellowdave I used the push option to push the weeks 3 weeks forward. And it will move the future weeks as well. I also used the copy week to get the 3 weeks that I had completed so I got them copied to plan as well.

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Thats exactly what I was looking for, thanks!