Rest Week during a holiday week

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything directly related to it. I have a rest week planned next week, but I’m also visiting family and will have the opportunity to ride some awesome (and hilly) roads.

Last time my rest week came around, we had our first wonderful spring weather week, and I did way too much riding. I don’t have a power meter, but I definitely rode too much/hard. The Ramp Test afterwards was deflating.

My question is: Am I better not taking my bike, and just walking a lot more? Or taking my bike, riding unstructured (because this is why I’m training at the end of the day), and doing a rest week when I get back? Or should I ride, but really try and adhere to the shorter, low effort rides?

This!! Take your bike. Ride. Enjoy. Push your rest week to the week after. Unless you’re training for a near term event, let Plan Builder go figure it out. Remember, we (most of us, anyway) do this for fun!

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Depends how you define “better”.

If you want close-to-optimum performance then stick to the plan or do a little bit of Z2 riding outside.

If you want to enjoy yourself then just ride and have fun and adapt the plan around that as best as possible.

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Thank you. This is what I wanted to hear to be honest. Thinking about it, I want to enjoy myself on the bike, and not let the training override this. I train to enjoy myself longer and a bit faster - I have no events, as they have already been postponed.

This! Especially if no big A events coming up shortly. You said this is why you train…so go and enjoy!