Rest Week Endurance Rides

So, is there a training benefit to the scheduled endurance rides during a rest week? I ask because…well I find them hard lol. And I’m typically pretty fatigued going into the rest week. I tried doing lazy mountain instead of one of the endurance rides, and threw in the towel halfway through as my legs just werent feeling it.

Is there any drawback to just riding when/if I feel up to it during the rest week? I’ve taken the approach of prioritizing resting/recovering/ mentally taking a break during the rest week, rather than hitting workouts and prioritizing training.

Smart? Dumb? Shooting myself in the foot?

What does your typical week look like vs a rest/revoery week? Are you using a TR plan or picking workouts and are you running/swimming as well?

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Sure. So a more extensive picture…

I’m 40. 188lbs, 270 FTP. Cycled a long time, casually. Got serious the last couple years, started racing. Been on trainerroad low volume plans since about november of 2018. Did ssb, then short power build, then ssb, then short power build again. Planning on going into CX specialty after the second half of this build plan.

I typically do all 3 of the plan workouts indoors on the trainer. I also will add maybe 2-5 hours a week of unstructured riding outdoors. Thats split between commuting, a semi-tame no drop club ride, and CX practice in the park.

So for example, I’m finishing up a rest week now. I started with a day off, then 2 hrs of commuting/easy riding on Tues. Took wed off, then petttit on thurs. Whorl was on the schedule for fri…did half of lazy mountain instead as my legs still felt cooked. Took yesterday off, now contemplating getting out for a 30 mile loop outdoors, or getting townsend in on the trainer, or just taking another day off and trying to get some commuting miles in tomorrow. Have a ramp test scheduled for wed.

I THINK I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on managing fatigue through the plans. On the other hand…I might just need to HTFU, not worry about it, and do more volume and ses how it goes. Playing it safe for the time being though, as this is my first year with structured training.

That’s strange because endurance rides should be a piece of cake, especially the short ones you’re describing. Lazy mountain is more of a recovery session than endurance so that is slightly worrying.
What about food intake, are you eating / drinking enough leading up to these rides?
How hard are your outdoor rides?
Is the no drop ride a killer?

Well I’ve never found endurance rides to be a piece of cake. Easier than short power build workouts for sure. But the monotony is a bit draining…

And just to be clear…I’m not FAILING on any of these workouts. If I feel like I have tired legs and/or dont feel like doing them…I dont. I figure its a rest week…so getting over accumulated fatigue is more important than getting endurance work in…but I’m not actually clear on that.

For what its worth…I think I AM getting over the fatigue from short powet build 1 now. Just got back from a 35 mile loop. Had my quickest time on it - on my commuter bike with fenders, while just trying to keep a steady endurance pace.

Oh in regards to the other questions…yea I’m eating pretty well, and fueling my trainer rides. Generally try to end my early morning workouts with net calories around 0 for the day (ie…toast before, fuel on bike, protein/recovery drink = about what I burn on the bike)

My outdoor rides arent brutal at all. Keeping up doesnt really tax me at all. We’ll have a few extended sprints that I’ll go all out on, but not if I have a trainer workout coming up.Most/all of my fatigue comes from trainerroad (i think…).