RESOLVED - Mac Mini, Monterey, Bluetooth refusing to enable

I’m running Catalina and just dialogued with TR support re: upgrading to Big Sur. The upgrade process sounds smooth (and much better than my Mohave → Catalina experience). I’ve checked with WKO5 and it seems that they support Catalina and now Monterey as well. So questions for you:

  • Are your running TR, WC, and WKO5 on Monterey?
  • Was the the upgrade process smooth?
  • Is all running smoothly now? [or did you need to code some workarounds?]

Where? In TR?

I guess I’m lucky, but I have never had an issue upgrading the mac. Except for those 16-bit apps that couldn’t be run any longer. I’ve had more problems upgrading Windows than the mac.

I just installed on my other mac, and it worked fine. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling TR and see what happens. I should have tried that earlier. DOH!

I should have been more clear: the challenge I had was not with the TR app, but with WC (it is/was an old 32 bit app and didn’t run transparently on 64 bit OS machines.) Support instructions didn’t work for me, but they walked me through the process successfully.

macOS Monterey on my MacBook Pro 2016 (MacIntel):

  • no issues with latest WKO5 which was released early September 2021
  • annoying issue with WorkoutCreator and several workarounds listed here: Workout creator broken on Mac with M1 chip and again, you should make sure and have the latest Harman Air SDK installed
  • didn’t try using TR app on Mac to control the trainer (it worked as a pure viewer)
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No, on the actual Mac Book itself.
The Bluetooth icon on the very top of the screen. Right click and it pops up.

Well, the plot thickens…

Uninstalled TR, rebooted, reinstalled TR, and…

STILL no Bluetooth with TR!

I Zwifted this morning, and ran the log through Zwift analyzer and it reported no connections through ANT+, all devices/sensors connected with Bluetooth with no drops, no fumbles, a solid Bluetooth connection.

So, TR just doesn’t want to connect via BT at all…


The Bluetooth widget on the Mac Mini actually SHOWS the bike, and my HRM strap, but TR will not open the BT channel. Now having uninstalled and reinstalled, it isn’t looking good for TR.

Really sorry to hear you’re still having issues.

Maybe try this if not done already:

  • open up a workout in the TR App
  • click begin workout

The message will flag no device’s connected

  • click on the box that opens up the devices page
  • whilst the App is now on that page and actively looking for devices, do the right click of the Mac Bluetooth devices icon described previously
  • click on the show available devices

Maybe than this will trigger the App to recognise the trainer and HRM concurrently?

Good luck :crossed_fingers:t2:

Settings->Security & Privacy->Privacy Tab->Bluetooth

click “Click the lock to make changes” and then in the right most panel, enable

BT is (I believe) locked down due to the security issues, with BT, a number of years ago.

There should have been a panel/dialog from TrainerRoad asking for BT permissions, if this is the problem.

Edit: “click the lock…” is not required for this, can just toggle the app checkmark.

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Somehow I think support has much more experience troubleshooting their own app than a forum. Have you opened a support ticket yet?

Checked, and checked.

Of course, but I can’t deny the possibility that someone who has faced this issue might have the solution. I haven’t heard from TR support yet, so just trying to get to a good place and get this solved.

Nope. Didn’t work.

did you clean-up all the TR configs and stored data under the Library directory in your home account? If not, and that’s not easy for you to do, another quick-and-dirty test is to create a test user and try using TR under that account.

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Is this with TR running? Quit TR and see if those still show up, and are “blue”/connected. If they’re (blue or not blue), disconnect them from the BT settings of the mac. The blue should only be there if an app is open and connected to the trainer/equipment, and on my systems the trainer is not in the BT device list unless it’s paired (won’t even show up as a prior device). Otherwise the trainer should not be in the list.

SOLVED (So far)

What worked?


Uninstall TrainerRoad

  1. In Finder, go to your Applications Folder
  2. In the program list, find the TrainerRoad App and right-click > Move to Trash

Clear App Data

Clearing Local App Data

  1. Enter the spotlight search, and type “~/library.”
  2. Open up the “Application Support” folder.
  3. Inside Application Support, you’ll find a folder marked “TrainerRoad.” Delete this folder.

Clearing Saved State

  1. Navigate back to the Library.
  2. Open the folder called “saved application state.”
  3. Delete the folder named com.TrainerRoad.Mac.savedState
  4. Empty the Trash bin

It took TR a bit to reload all the goodies, but Bluetooth, and ANT+ too are available and ready to roll.

Commence the pain!!!

(Posted this in case anyone else has this problem and could benefit from these instructions. Ride on!)


that’s what I’m talking about! (sorry my earlier instructions were too geeky)

Not ‘too geeky’ at all. I knew what you were talking about, I just ran into the ‘macOS hides everything’, and just got lazy with Zwifting and playing with FulGaz. This issue was a problem, but on a scale that was easy to ignore. (I was a programmer for decades, and used to chuckle at my uni prof’s statement that ‘programmers are lazy’, and that is somewhat true. TR ‘was working’, if the wife didn’t use the microwave)

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