Tacx Neo BlueTooth Connection Issue

I have been having an issue getting my Tacx Neo BT to pair with trainer road. The Ant+ works but the blue light doesn’t light up on the trainer and I don’t see it on my MacBook or in Trainerroad. If i use the Tacx app I can see the trainer.

Any ideas? Not sure what else to try?

From what I understand, you are trying to pair via Bluetooth, is that right?

Bluetooth can only form between the trainer and one app/device at a time, so if you are paired to the Tacx app, you will not be able to pair to the TrainerRoad App. Force the Tacx App to unpair to your trainer, and then see if that will allow you to pair with TrainerRoad.

If that doesn’t work, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com so that they can investigate this issue further :slight_smile: