Workout creator broken on Mac with M1 chip

The keyboard breaks and stop working. The system thinks the Ctrl key is pressed and call app shortcuts…

Creating a Wo works… Naming it, not so much


Happened to me last week on Intel MacBook Pro. Workaround - create the workout, quit the app, restart WC, and edit/rename the workout.


Interestingly I had issues yesterday on an Intel MacBook Pro. Restarting I think fixed it.

After creating the workout I could type the first letter and then it bought up the emoji search tool (same as using “fn e” key combo). This appears to have started after upgrading to the latest macOS Monterey. Maybe upgrading to the latest Harman Air SDK fixes it? Adobe AIR SDK from HARMAN


That’s the issue I had, too

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I was hoping that upgrading to the latest version would solve this problem for me, but it didn’t.

My workaround at the moment is to type the name into a text editor, and the copy and paste it into workout creator. One more reason TR needs to put resources towards a modern workout creator, as this looks like the tip of the iceberg with the existing version eventually being unusable.