Resistance not working during FTP with Kikr Power

Hello there,

Twice I have tried to use the TR FTP with my new Kikr Power and each time it flops out the minute the app changes from ERG to Resistance. I was in my big ring front and smallest in the back and still couldn’t get any resistance.

This is the second time it’s happened. Is this happening to anyone else?

So are you doing the 20 minute FTP test or the 8 minute FTP test?

Just checking to confirm, but either of these should make the swap from ERG to Resistance.

Do you know the Resistance percentage setting you have set? It might be defaulting to a low value and not giving you much Resistance.

You can check in the Devices section on the mobile app, or the bottom left of the Win/Mac.

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I’m using the 20 minute one.

It switches to “resistance” which is set to 100%. Despite being geared up and at 100% Resistance I can’t get over 160 watts without spinning out.

Then that seems to indicate a problem with your trainer. At Resistance of 100%, that would be the maximum braking force of the trainer, and most people couldn’t turn that for more than a moment at best.

Something is very wrong. I suggest starting with an email to so they can review the log files, and they may be able to direct you from there.