FTP test - did not accurately capture FTP 20 min - KICKR

Was doing a 20 min FTP this week. Session started out great during the warm up in ERG mode. When the 20 min test began there was no resistance even when i moved into the big ring. Tried to adjust during the test but resistance was very low the entire time. Needless to say, FTP was inaccurate upon completion.

Anyone encounter this?

Probably some connection error. Support can see the logs, so contact them

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Yeap., more annoying when you do 5 - 10 minutes and think I’ve got that start and settled in perfect, and then the resistance drops like the chain snapped. Normally a connection drop or power meter fail.

Hey there,

Sorry you ran into this trouble! It sounds like there may have been a connection error, or that the resistance on your smart trainer wasn’t set high enough.

When doing the 20-Minute Test, your smart trainer will automatically shift out of ERG mode and into Resistance/Standard mode.

The following article goes over how to adjust the resistance % on your smart trainer when using TR:

I’d recommend playing around with the resistance % settings to find a value that works best with your smart trainer.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you. A there a way to determine a connection error sooner?

Are you sure the resistance slider wasn’t set all the way over to the left? I had this happen once, but mine was in the other direction. Couldn’t turn the pedals even with the easiest gearing. Couldn’t tell from the previous messages if you had checked that or not.


We’d recommend going over the steps laid out in the following article – it covers all devices compatible with the TR app, from iOS to Android and Mac + PC:

It would also be worth checking the resistance mode slider that @jsiegrist mentioned.

Before starting your workout

  • First pair your device under the Device tab.
  • Once paired, tap on your trainer to bring up the device settings.
  • From this page, you can now change between your trainer’s available modes.