Issues with 20min FTP Test - Ant+/BT conflict

Wondering if anyone else has seen something similiar. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I have done a proper 20min FTP test since the ramp test came out. Even before that I was more of a 8min test person myself.

Gave it a go today, and had some weird issues when my KICKR v1 flipped over into resistance mode. It initially flipped into R mode with a 25% resistance which had me spinning out and unable to produce target power. But even before I got off I could feel it “hunting” for a target power. I’d feel the resistance in the trainer come on, then back off. I got off, bumped it up to 50% and then had to get off again and knock it down to 32% to get desired gearing, but same issue.

You can see the yo-yo in power above. Anytime it drops to zero is because i get off and change the resistance %. I also found I couldnt get into ERG mode in the test itself, either with keyboard shortcut or drop down in the desktop app. Not sure if others have run into this.
Now that TR automagically pairs the BT connection if available, i’m not sure if the Ant+ signal which would otherwise control the trainer and the BT signal were having a bit of a fight?

Latest desktop app, Kickr v1, ANT+ and BT connection.
Funnily enough for the first time ever I went searching for how to unpair a BT sensor and it was not intuitive. Oh well.

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Anything to do with settings in your Wahoo app?

I remember having some resistance issues, albeit in a different scenario, and I vaguely recall it was something in my Wahoo app creating the problem.

Quick and easy sanity check before you start digging too deeply!

Haven’t changed anything in the app. Anything specifically I should be looking for?

For issues like this, our Support Team will be your best resource since they are able to look into your logs and see exactly what happened when the problematic behavior occured.

You can reach the team by shooting an email to :+1:.