Reset training after illness

I’m coming off of a 2 month stretch of not riding. Due to a combination of things, I exhausted myself and I’ve been recovering from the fatigue. I’m doing some easy rides to get back in. I’m trying to create a new training plan, but every combo I try comes back looking like it is picking up where I left off. Do I need to reset my training stats to get back to the normal base phase?

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I’m about to return to training after a bout with Covid. The illness has resulted in substantial loss of fitness so I’m prepared for a shock once FTP tested. However, I am planning easy endurance first and then low volume polarised plan to gain fitness.

I was off the bike for quite awhile, restarting riding in September and beginning an Adaptive Training program in October.
After a humiliating ramp test in October and seeing a training plan that looked beyond what I was up for, I did a substitution on the first training ride. I picked a sweet spot workout that looked very achievable, after marking it as ‘Moderate’ the AT system downgraded the future rides to match my abilities.
I’ve really liked the AT system so far, it’s been helpful in moderating workout intensity to match my progression.