Remove workout from Adaptive Training

Hi, I’m following a TR plan with Adaptative Training enabled. A couple of weeks ago, I created a custom workout to perform a test (similar to the standard Ramp Test but with longer steps) and it was categorized as VO2Max 9.8.

Obviously I didn’t finish the ramp (it was designed to arrive at exhaustion before that) but I completed the workout just reducing a lot the intensity and I used the last minutes of the workout as a cooldown. The thing is that TR thinks that I’ve managed to complete a 9.8 VO2Max workout and so my “VO2Max Progression Level” is at 9.8 and Adaptive Training is constantly asking if I want to adapt my plan, suggesting insanely hard VO2Max workouts that I know I won’t be able to complete.

Until now, I’ve just declined the adaptations, but now it’s starting to suggest adaptations in other types of workouts according to my progression and I would like to accept them, but that will change my VO2max workouts also.

How can I fix it? Is removing the workout the only option? If I remove the workout will my VO2Max progression level return to a more accurate value?


I suggest an email directly to for complex questions like this.

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Did you set the workout as failed in the post workout survey?

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Are you able to set the workout to failed or all-out?

If not I suggest you just re-run a VO2 Max workout you have recently passed, and rate it properly. That should drive down your Progression Level for VO2 Max to a proper value, and then your plan will be adjusted based on that. Deleting the plan will not fix the problem as the problem is that

Agree with Chad that you should email support.

But unfortunately you need to be careful with custom workouts as the way they analyze some of those workouts is just insanely wrong. I’ve got a coach at the moment so it’s not a big deal if my PL’s are screwed up but I recently had a simple Z2 ride with ~5 sprints throughout and TR called it a Sprint 22.5. So obviously I’m being scouted as a world tour sprinter now LOL

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Thanks, I’ll try emailing support.

Unfortunately it seems I cannot change the answer in the survey (I can only see last week surveys). I think I rated it as “Very Hard” or “All out” but I didn’t realize there was a “I did not pass” option.

In the meantime I guess if I keep doing the scheduled workouts (around 4.5-5.5 difficulty level) and I rate them as Very Hard (instead of “Moderate” that is how they feel) it will eventually realize my VO2Max level is nowhere near 9.8

  • Correct, survey responses are locked in after 7 days.