Workout progression levels

First, I apologize if this is just my misunderstanding of TR software and adaptive training.

My VO2 Max progression level was 1.6 before completing this “stretch” VO2 Max workout with at 2.6 progression level. I completed the workout no problem and rated it as “moderate.” Shouldn’t my VO2 Max progression level in the career page be updated to 2.6 after the workout? There was no change to the my progression level.

It doesn’t look like the system thinks you’re VO2max PL is lower than 2.6 as its saying +/- 0 at the bottom right but yet its rating it as a stretch which I think is >1.0 increase :exploding_head: TR support may give you a better explanation/ fix.


That is odd, you should have received a bump, contact support.


Hey! Glad to see you reached out to support, it looks like for an issue with workout difficulty levels, but that ‘refresh’ fix seemed to have fixed your Progression Levels as well!

If everything looks good on your end, I’ll go ahead an mark this one as ‘Resolved :white_check_mark:’?
Let me know if you’re still experiencing any PL issues!

It’s fixed on my end. Thank you!