Adaptive training downgrading workouts and progression not increasing

Hello great TR people. I have a few questions about adaptive training and was hoping someone could help. I have two questions:

First question:
I’ve selected a Low Volume plan so I can do 2-3 interval workouts a week and sprinkle in fun rides in between. It seems every time I do an added activity the AI wants to downgrade my workouts. But not my next workout always. Sometimes it’s like next week’s workout. I don’t want my interval days to be easier, that’s why I selected the Low Volume plan. So is it OK just to ignore the adaptations, or should I just turn it off altogether, because it will just keep doing it?

Second question:
I did Osceola this morning and it says it’s an anaerobic workout. When I did the first 3 intervals it felt way too easy so I upped the intensity 5% for the last 3. They felt better but still were fairly easy to complete. I rated the workout Moderate although it was probably closer to Easy. Afterward it didn’t up my Anaerobic progression at all 1.0->1.0. Should I not have messed with the intensity, or why else would it not up my progression?
Thanks all for any input

1A. Understand the present state of TR is that it IGNORES anything other than inside or outside TR workouts specifically. Your “fun rides” are not included in any Progression Level calculations at this time. This matters if you are skipping any planned TR workouts. As such, a skipped workout for any reason leads AT to lower the pending workouts in that zone, because it thinks you did not accomplish the goal. You can’t gain in a zone unless you do the planned work TR prescribes. This is a known issue and planned to be addressed once they release “Levels 2.0” that is the highest priority item in development at this time.

1B. The workouts that AT does adapt are related by the intended Training Progression Level. When you successfully complete something like a Threshold workout, AT may adapt pending Threshold workouts on the calendar. That may include one in the same workout week if there are multiple ones in that same Zone, or only ones in future weeks. It is all about the specific PL / zone relationships.

1C. You are free to accept or decline adaptions for any reason.

2A. Osceola is a Level 1.0 workout. Regardless of the zone, this is the easiest workout type when considering the 1-10 Level scale. As such, this or anything else with a low level is likely to feel easy. This is a result of your Progression Levels current state. If you are not getting full PL changes as I suspect in 1A above, your PL is not necessarily appropriate and leads to planned workouts that are not where they likely should be.

2B. TR is not taking modified workouts and assigning higher PL’s, even if you bump the intensity way up. As such, the 1.0 = 1.0 is exactly what is programmed at the moment. It is worth reviewing the related support article for full info.

2C. If you expect that a planned workout is likely too easy, you should consider using the Alternates function to pick one that is more appropriate to your current fitness expectations. This is the best way to bump your PL’s and and get on track vs using the Workout Intensity which is not idea.


Thanks for explaining this very well.

  1. A-C That makes a lot of sense. So it’s not downgrading because of my fun ride, it’s downgrading because it doesn’t see my replacement ride and thinks I missed my planned one. Eagerly waiting for 2.0
  2. A. Also makes sense. I think today’s workout was downgraded and I accepted it, so it was below my expected Anaerobic level and thus gave me no upgrade.
    2.B. I think it should, if a workout in a zone is too easy, shouldn’t it up the levels of your next workout?
    2.C. I didn’t know it would be too easy-going into it. But I guess it was too easy because of 1.A

Thanks again for your input

  • If you mark a workout as “Easy” in the completion survey, it may more aggressively increase the pending workouts in that same Zone. But that depends on what was already assigned.

  • Importantly though, you have to recognize that the system will only go so far with that based on the fact that you complete a 1.0 workout while starting at a PL of 1.0. As such, it would be expected to be “Achievable” in the Difficulty scale. So, even an Easy rating there will only bump the next one so much more. If you marked a Stretch or Breakthrough Difficulty workout Easy, the bump would potentially be larger. Essentially, it is relative to how hard the planned one was expected to be in light of your current PL.

  • Sure, and with an incomplete picture it is not the easiest to judge. But unless someone is very new or coming from a very large FTP increase, a 1.0 in most zones is likely to be “Easy”, so it may be safe to consider a bump to a 1.5 or higher if you are familiar with your fitness and the TR system.

2.B. OK, so I went back and rated it “Easy” since it was too easy before I upped the intensity 5%. Then it did adapt and make my next two anaerobic workouts harder. But still didn’t up my Progression Levels. So should I assume they will still be too easy, and up them more?

2.c. So I should assume the AI is wrong because I’m used to structured training. I thought that was what the AI was for, to take the guesswork out of it so I didn’t have to adjust. If I have to constantly go in and adjust the difficulty, then I might as well turn it off.

  • Honestly, I don’t think we have enough info to make a suggestion. I think you should email since they have more of a picture to review with access to your fun rides and other info that we don’t here.
  • Well, you have to recognize you are only getting part of your workout info into TR AT at the moment. It is only leveraging TR inside and outside workouts. If you are skipping some or all of those, and considering that TR AT doesn’t see your fun rides, it is looking at a very partial pictuer.

  • It’s not that “the AI is wrong”, it’s that it is acting on incomplete info.

  • It works really well if it sees all your training. I am exclusively training inside with TR workouts and it works great for that. If I was introducing unstructured or fun rides, I would be skewing what it sees vs what I am fully doing.

  • As I said above, it is a know issue and they are actively working to solve it. Once that Levels 2.0 is in place, it should handle as you expect. But until then, you just need to know what it does and does not see, and alter your use as appropriate. If that means turning off AT until Levels 2.0 is released, that is one option.

OK sounds like it’s not going to work well for me until they release version 2.0
Back to the plan!

Thank you for your help on this The Other Chad!

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