Custom TR Workouts and Progression Level Issues

Is there anyway of overruling progression levels / manually downgrading them?
I have a custom workout that I like to do occasionally (Log In to TrainerRoad) that has been given a workout level of 9.2 VO2. The reality is that it is no where near that hard and having it rated as 9.2 screws up my adaptive training plan. With VO2 repeats my genuine progression level is probably somewhere around 6.
If it’s not possible to overwrite my progression levels, it is possible to edit the workout level on a custom workout?

Not at this time, apologies.

The developer’s top priority currently is Levels V2, which will appropriately categorize custom workouts, and unstructured outside rides for Adaptive Training.


Thanks for the reply Ivy. I’m looking forward to the update that properly categorizes outside rides (probably far more important than custom workouts) - that will be a massive step forward for AT.


I know this is a horse that has been beaten to multiple deaths.

But how accurate are the levels we see of a custom Wo compared to a TR workout.

My Wo this morning was 4x8
First one was a progression to ftp
Second was 8x40s @ 130 / 20s recovery
Third was progression to 105 ftp
Fourth was progression to ftp but with low/high cadence changes.

TR determined it was a vo2mx, but i would consider this more of a threshold Wo based on time at the different levels…

So not sure if i am understanding the way TR determine a level for the wo…

  • It depends…

  • Sadly, there is no simple or singular answer. Some seem right on, while others are drastically off. Sprints seem to skew it in most cases I have seen, but again, nothing concrete.

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TR roadmap has WL/PL 2.0 to address several things, including more accurate custom workout levels. When I looked the biggest issues were mixed workouts like what you’ve shown, and % FTP power levels that were higher than similar above threshold TR workouts (for example sprints, and probably higher power 30/15s or 40/20s).

Even if it was accurate, beyond intellectual curiosity does it matter? Are you having PL FOMO? Just like having some getting fitter eye candy instead of looking at power curve? Is your coach giving you cycling workouts that resemble TR plans? You realize the WLs and PLs are primarily in support of automated picking of workouts within a TR plan, and to assist you with picking alternates, right?

What does your coach say about the goals of the workout?

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I dont ask this questions…
If I was to guess, she was probably trying to kill me.

Doesnt matter really… it just curious… Also, I do pick workouts from time to time, but not super often…

Its an interesting mix of threshold and vo2 work, maybe to keep things fresh and interesting. Who knows. By your HR it appears you stopped pedaling in the 2nd and 3rd intervals, long enough for a partial recovery. TR should really show the amount of stopped time, and pause the interval timer, versus making the stopped time disappear. I’d expect HR to rise at the beginning of each interval, which it appears to have happened.

This is actually something she mentioned yesterday when we were talking about the workout… to make it interesting and less boring.

I stopped 3 times…
on the 8x40s (after 3rd and 6th) and at the 5 minute of the 3rd set…
the 3 stops were less than 1 minute…probably closer to 30s.

the 8x40s were brutally hard…

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According to the plan I had a ramp test to do.
Instead I created a custom ftp test rated as 10.4 vo2max :

  • 10 minutes at 89%
  • 15 minutes from 89% to 97%
  • 15 minutes from 97% to 120% (I stopped at 8 minutes this time)

So with this single 33 minutes workout, my vo2max score went from 1 straight to max 10.

Just a quick message to know if it is working as intended.

Anyway thank you for the constant progress of the software, pretty cool to see what workout to do as achievable, productive. In a pretty good shape thank you.

Custom workouts and progression levels do not match up that good.


Will my custom workouts have Workout Levels?

Yes, all TrainerRoad workouts and custom workouts should have Workout Levels assigned to them, but at this point, we can’t endorse the Workout Levels of custom workouts. Currently, Workout Levels are calculated uniquely for custom workouts and are not comparable to the Workout Levels of workouts in the TrainerRoad workout library.

Levels V2 (our developer’s highest priority) will account for this, and all unstructured rides and workouts when making adjustments to your Progression Levels and for future workouts.

This morning i did a custom wo.
This wo was tag as a 7.9 v02 max wo, and as not recommended.
Here is the wo description
10s at max power, 50s E
20s 200%, 40s E
30s 130%, 30s E
40s 120%, 20s E
50s 110%, 10s E
60s 100%, 60s E
repeat in inverse starting with 50s
10 minutes E
repeat the whole thing
My coach call it the Pyramid of Power.
I have look at other 7.9 v02 max and I would not dare to do any of them at this point.
Granted… this was hard AF. But If I compare other L7 and L8 workout for vo2max… this seems WAY more manageable.
this is a description of a 7.0 vo2max wo from TR

Rattlesnake +1 is built around 4x9-minute sets where the first 1-minute effort is spent at 140% FTP, then each duo of 30/15’s that follows gets gradually lighter in load ranging from 120% FTP down to 110% FTP.
Recoveries between each set last 5 minutes each.

You cannot tell me with a straight face the wo I did today is harder that the TR wo.

We already know that custom workouts in TR do not necessarily give appropriate PL’s. Results vary with a variety of options within a custom workout with some giving reasonable PL’s while others are wildly incorrect.

Nothing new here because TR has acknowledged this multiple times and says they plan to address it in the future. It’s a known issue and people using custom workouts have to recognize it and chose to use them as-is or not, until TR fixes the issue.

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I am well aware…
And also aware that its mostly when a wo has 120%+ repeats .

I am just pointing out a VERY extreme case of apples to oranges.

It doesnt matter at the end… its just a game…
You can close if it doesn’t add anything new.

It’s fine to mention specific examples for potential review, but we don’t need a new topic for each instance.

I merged this one and two others into the what I think is the original / oldest topic on the subject.

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I was looking for this, and didnt find it. I was expecting you to move it here!
I will bookmark the topic in case in need to post more examples

Search with “custom workout progression level” is how I found all these examples. There could be more examples where people didn’t use those terms, but I think those are the most appropriate ones with this issue.

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I had a similar experience but I did it with an existing TR Wo.

I wanted to do an alternative to Fishers that was a bit longer. So I used the Fishers as my template and added 15 minutes to the warm down. When I published the workout it said my version of Fishers was now a PL 6.5 which shocked me.

I decided to experiment and do the traditional Fishers but then manually add on the 15 minutes. The ML doesn’t recognize these changes and just keeps the original PL of 6.1. I am thinking that now the TR wo are evaluated on the portions between Warm up and down.

When you make a custom workout though AT doesn’t know where these start/end flags should be placed so it counts everything.