Remember Jonathan mentioning the egg & rice he had at Sea Otter?

Today I watched a replay of a webcast my friend the nutritionist Uriel Carlson gave recently, and I made an interesting connection. She mentions being a chef at Sea Otter and serving eggs and rice. I remember Jonathan mentioning that dish on pod casts several times, and I realized that Uri COULD be the one who served it to him.

In any case, Uri’s talk is geared toward eating real food on the bike (or during any activity) as a way of fueling properly, avoiding palate fatigue and achieving higher performance. Her info and strategies will resonate with many here I believe.

The replay of the web cast of which I speak:

Her web site:

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I’ve had that rice and eggs at Sea Otter…Scratch Labs had a food truck there a few years back. It was awesome. I have made it a staple at home. White sticky rice, eggs over easy, avocado, Braggs liquid aminos, ans a dash of maple syrup.

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Eggs and Rice, working off the basic recipe in the “Feed Zone” cook book is a staple in my diet. At least once a week, but usually more. Anytime we have a rice dish for dinner, I have my kids package up the leftover rice (and usually a little of whatever we had) and I make some Franken-Fried rice the next day or two with eggs. SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD

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