Redoing part of a workout should add-on TSS, time, & KJ, not delete and overwrite them

Had this happen today: was doing Darwin (4x10-minute intervals between 95-99% FTP with 3-minute recoveries between intervals) this morning and bailed/backpedaled a couple of times during the second interval (mental weakness on my part.) I reduced the intensity to 90% for the rest of the 2nd interval, then did the 3rd at 92% and the 4th at 95% and started the cool-down. I then decided that I wanted to redo the 2nd interval at 100% to show myself that I could do it.
The TSS was about 75 when I paused and went back (and got the notice about the overwrite that I didn’t understand at the time) to the 2nd interval, at which point the TSS went down to 25 and the elapsed time changed from 1hr to 22 minutes. Once I finished that interval at 100% (pats self on back), I went back to the cool-down and the elapsed time jumps back up to 1hr and the total TSS for the workout says 49 at the end of the cool-down.
It seems like TSS, elapsed time, calories/KJ burned, etc. should always accumulate and increase during a workout, regardless of going back to redo part of it. Hopefully this is an easy fix.

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@nforrest, no argument with your OP. Have you considered dual recording with your head unit? It will give you a complete (true?) picture of your workout.

Diddo. I have had this happen before to