Possible Bug - Extended Cooldown with incorrect total TSS and calories

I am not sure if this has already been said. I tried to find it but couldn’t.

First, I want to say that I really love the extended warm-up or cool-down. However, it seems that sometimes (but for some reason not always) when I extend the cool-down my total TSS, the average and normalized power as well as the total calories are suddenly a lot lower. Do you guys know why this happens and if this is something I can fix? (I use the app on my Android phone if that makes a difference.) Thanks!

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I sometimes see the same thing with the IOS app when I extend the cool-down, but not always. Once the ride is synced, the data seems fine.

I saw something like this the other day on iOS. I extended my cooldown by 5 minutes and my real-time TSS on the 2nd page instantly dropped 1 or 2 points.

I also have this on the iOS app. When i extend my cooldown my tss and avg power drop to extremely low numbers.

Data seems to be fine once ride is over.


I am not sure if this was in extended cooldown, I don’t think so, but I have noticed if you watch the realtime TSS it does occasionally go down, which didn’t make alot of sense to me, unless it is calculating some knd of average.

I just did another workout and noticed that it had nothing to do with extending the cooldown…it was just fluctuating slightly for some other reason. Probably just an imperfect equation that is being recalculated every so often.

There’s obviously a time factor in the TR metrics equations which is set to the prescribed workout time, e.g. 60min, but then something goes off if you alter that time, e.g. 61min.

Yes, I forgot to add this: once the data is synced it seems fine. I know it’s not a big deal - but I do like looking at those numbers.

TSS=[(time(s) * NP * IF)/(FTP * 3600)] * 100

What’s probably happening is that by extending the workout time with more cooldown efforts, time is going up, but normalized power and intensity factor are going down. Like I said, I noticed this happening even before I extended the cooldown. I was probably in a recovery interval when I saw it tick down a point.

I was under the impression that TSS would go up with every pedal stroke, but I guess that is not always the case. I think over several minutes of cooldown you will see your TSS ultimately increase though by a small amount.

I can see this; and yes I have seen TSS go down in recovery intervals too.

But this issue is different (as far as I can tell). As soon as I extend the cool-down TSS can go down by 20-30 or more, calories can go down by 100s and NP and AP go down by 10-50. Also, often NP and AP are close before I extend the cool-down and after I extend it the two numbers are significantly different.

Oh, well that definitely seems like a bug then! I haven’t seen that happen yet.