Overwriting TSS

I just got back from a 3h ride outside during which my Vector 3s dropped out (:rage:) and as a result i have been given an average power of 18W and TSS of just 20 (it was pretty flat but not THAT easy). Is there a way i can delete the V3 power data and revert to an estimated TSS? I am on an ipad so not sure if i am missing the option to do this somehow that i would normally see on a desk top. Thanks!

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You could delete the entry in TR and then put your own workout entry in with an estimated TSS.
One tip - tick the completed box once you have created the entry and then it will assign the workout to your weekly totals

I think there are also options to edit the fit file but that is probably too much effort.
One set of instructions here


Hey Katherine!

There is no option to overwrite the TSS with an estimated TSS, however, what I would do is add a supplemental workout called “TSS Adjustment” or something like that with the difference between what your TSS should have been, and what it was.

To determine this:

  1. Add workout
  2. Enter the full duration and intensity into the blanks
  3. Note what your TSS should be for the ride
  4. Subtract 20 TSS from that number
  5. Switch the Intensity to Custom and enter this number into the TSS field
  6. Switch the duration to 1 second
  7. Be sure to click the box that says “this workout has been completed”

Your TSS and Duration for the ride should now be correct in your weekly totals.

Sorry for the somewhat roundabout way of fixing this!


Perfect! Thank you very much. I’ll do that.

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Hi Bryce, I found this thread because I have the same need. My Vectors synced, but were VERY spotty at sending power data yesterday. I’m hoping there is a new process to swap to estimated TSS, or should I use the workaround here?

We do not have a process for this at the moment, so the workaround will be your best option.

If you continue to have dropout issues with your Vectors, please reach out to our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com so that we can work to eliminate that friction point :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the reply.

And the Vector issue seems to have been a loose battery cover. Total ID10T error.

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