Not able to complete the sets

2 months back I completed Sweet Spot training and post that completed the build phase too. Took a 2 1/2 weeks break from training, And now I am not even able to complete all the sets.
Last Tuesday did a 3 X 15 & finished but today for a 4 X 10M SS, I was done after 2.

What gives? Should I keep repeating the failed ones?

Did you retest your FTP or are you using the prior FTP?

2.5 weeks off (and whatever else you did or did not do over that time) may have lead to a lower FTP, so a retest may be appropriate if you haven’t done so already.

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I would retest my FTP or reduce it down manually for a couple of weeks

if you just continued the new few weeks will be the struggle bus


For those 2 1/2 weeks, I did 3 rides, one with 1500 meters and it was a good ride.
I did not retake the FTP nor did the increase the FTP number when I came back. I do have some cough ( not Covid but normal cold), I am not sure if that is contributing this or not.

That all points to a likely decrease in current fitness to me. Retest FTP and continue on at a minimum is what seems best here.

Depending on your timeline and longer term goals, a possible reset back a few weeks in the training plan could be appropriate too.


Thanks both. I will take a ftp test and continue from there.

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