Should I re-test or change FTP?


Looking for some advice.

Currently I am doing Sweet Spot Base High volume 2, with some variation in workouts due to real life and boredom, but trying to keep TSS about the same as prescribed.

Recently got HR paired up with ANT+ and did Black Hawk +4 (4 slightly above threshold 10 minute intervals). Don’t get me wrong, it was difficult, but I noticed my average heart rate dropped 1-2 beats for each interval, with lowest average HR on the last interval. I am curious if this is a sign that my FTP is set a little too low?

Do you normally see an increase in HR over the course of 4 above threshold intervals or should it be pretty similar?


How far along in the plan are you?

HR response varies enough to where you shouldn’t attempt to judge FTP based on one workout. I’d keep your FTP where it is unless there is significant evidence over multiple sessions to suggest it’s time to re-assess.


Thanks for the responses!

I am 3 weeks into the program. Definitely noticing changes and gains, so really enjoying it.

I have found in a lot of the past workouts wanting to turn up the intensity when working in sweet spot, or upping the watts during the rest intervals. That being said, I have had issues in the past being impatient about resting. I’m just not 100% sure what sweet spot should really feel like since this is my first structured program.

Also it seems like it would be a bad idea to do a ramp rest in the middle of high TSS, or am I wrong?

So far sounds like I should just stick to it until reassessment at the beginning of build phase.

Not all workouts have to feel hard to be creating change in your body.

If you are finishing your workouts, then I wouldn’t make a change. Just wait until your next assessment.

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I’d stick with it and finish the last two weeks. Sweet spot should be uncomfortable but not hard. It isn’t pleasant to sit there at sweet spot for two hours, but it should be manageable and at no point should you be falling apart. Seems like you are describing the proper intensity. Remember, this is base. The build is coming and coming with a vengeance.

FWIW when I looked at the SSBHV plans vs the MV, man, the MV seemed way more appealing in terms of variety, I really enjoyed the MV plan. A few people here have lamented the monotony of the HV plans, so you’re not alone.

I feel pretty good about my ftp estimate and I noticed on one of my rides this week that my heart rate was 1 or 2 beats lower on the last interval. I don’t think it’s unusual, perhaps relaxation from the perceived ease of the effort or knowing you were going to complete it successfully.

I recently had a similar question toward the end of SSB2 HV as to whether I should have increased FTP then or just ridden it out until the end and I decided to just go through the whole plan. Don’t regret it, did have a 10w increase during SSB2

I also had decreases in HR during SS intervals, I attribute it in part to maybe needing more warm up, or just being more settled after the first interval or something. Sounds like things are going well, keep it up!

My HR average increases with each interval. Keep in mind that a lower cadence may bring your HR down. Is your average cadence the same for each interval?

As others have said, you just can’t use HR as a metric to measure against. Hydration, sleep, stress, caffeine, fueling, if you’re sick, room temperature, wind, body temperature, glycogen levels, … so many variables. If you’re going to use anything other than power, use RPE.