Red Light / Green Light Sensitivity

Did a 100 mile sportive on Sunday, relatively hilly one with a TSS of 334 so understandably got 2 red days and an amber for Wednesday so planned to rest anyway. I walk my dog twice a day and on Tuesday evening so my 2nd red day, I decided to do a walk/run with him as the legs felt good (even on Monday I felt good be honest). It was 5km broken up into 1km walk, 1km jog, 0.5km walk, 1.5km jog, 1km walk so very easy but my amber day has now turned red for Wednesday.

My question therefore is has it gone red simply because I did ‘some’ exercise even though I consider it very low stress (HR and running critical power were never above Z2 for the 2.5km of running) or will the AI have taken the stress of the activity into account and still thinks it was too much based on recent workload? Thanks

Yes RLGL will do that on the default settings, however if you feel its being a little too Conservative you can adjust the sensitivity in your account>Adaptive Training> Training Approach settings.